• Geis

    In this richly imagined medieval fantasy, potential new rulers are thrown into a trial with only one escape – death. The rich, the strong, the wise, the powerful; many put forward their names in hopes of becoming the new chief. But who will ultimately triumph?

    The first chapter in an epic trilogy from award winner Alexis Deacon, Geis is a beautifully illustrated tale that weighs the true cost of ambition and selfishness against kindness and loyalty.

  • SP4RX

    Wren McDonald returns in this action-packed tale about technology, rebellion, survival, and corruption!

    Deep in the lower levels of society, a young hacker named SP4RX is looking for a place to crash.  Instead, he uncovers an insidious scheme to destroy the working class by replacing them with highly effective tech.  The fate of humanity is at stake and it’s up to SP4RX to lead the resistance!

  • Marcel

    Eda Akaltun‘s charming debut picture book takes a lighthearted approach to changing family relationships through the eyes of an adorable French bulldog pup. Follow Marcel and his human as they visit all of their favourite spots in downtown New York – Marcel can show you around! But who is this new person taking them on trips uptown? Why couldn’t everything stay the same?

  • The Wolves of Currumpaw

    The second book from award winning illustrator William Grill takes to the red heat of the New Mexico desert at the end of the 19th century, following the true story of the Currumpaw Valley wolfpack and the man hired to trap their leader.

    Beautifully illustrated and faithfully retold from Ernest Thompson Seton’s classic ‘Wild Animals I Have Known’, this is a powerful and moving tale that highlights the importance of protecting wild animals, as discovered by the very man who hunted them.

  • My Dad Used to be so Cool

    Ever had the sneaking suspicion that – just maybe – your dad used to be cool? Perhaps there’s an old motorbike gathering dust in the shed, or a guitar hanging untouched on the wall… What happened? My Dad Used to Be so Cool is a humorous and heartwarming look at father-son bonding by Keith Negley, the bestselling author and illustrator of Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too), that conveys a meaningful story in Negley’s uniquely bold and emotive style.

  • Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure

    Strap in for another adventure with the world’s foremost feline expert in all things, Professor Astro Cat!

    Ever wonder how a boat floats?  Or why the sky is blue?  Or where electricity comes from?  Well, listen up! Professor Astro Cat has the answers!

    Fresh off his journey through the Frontiers of Space, Professor Astro Cat is back on Earth and ready to explain how physics is responsible for the wonders of the world around us!

  • Mean Girls Club

    The ever exciting Ryan Heshka is armed to the teeth with buckets of electric pink and inks as black as the darkest corners of the heart to introduce you to THE MEAN GIRLS CLUB!

    Watch your back because these tough as nails ladies are here to run the streets and strike fear into the hearts of any worthless man who dares to stand in their way. These malicious mavens mean only harm as they terrorize the town in pursuit of their one true love – MAYHEM!