• Robert Moses: The Master Builder of New York City

    Now in paperback, this New York Times bestselling graphic biography is an introduction to one of the most influential architects of the last hundred years.

    From the subway to the skyscraper, from Manhattan’s Financial District to the Long Island suburbs, every inch of New York tells the story of Robert Moses’ mind. In Pierre Christin and Olivier Balez’s sepia-toned work, Robert’s story is revealed.

  • Out of Nothing

    Spanning millennia, Daniel Locke and David Blandy’s impressive graphic novel explores humanity’s inherent ‘dreaming mind’ and its impact on our world.

    Surreal sequences take us from Gutenberg’s printing press to Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web, via Picasso, Einstein, DJ Kool Herc and more. Locke and Blandy show how our basic instinct to observe, record, and connect has formed the basis for all human invention and progress.

  • Geis (Vol. 2) : A Game Without Rules

    The second test has begun! Alexis Deacon’s masterful medieval fantasy series continues with this gripping new instalment.

    Contenders for the role of chief find themselves divided against their will and flung into a mysterious game. While the struggle for power continues, Io and Nemas battle with their own identities… but when allies are turned against one another, who can be trusted?

  • Horses: Wild & Tame

    See how the horse evolved from its ancient relatives, learn about famous horses from history and discover interesting facts along the way in this elegantly illustrated book.

    Jarom Vogel‘s stunning illustrations take us on a journey through the history of horse and human interaction to explore our relationship with these spirited and beautiful animals.

  • Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx

    Join Marcy as she decodes hieroglyphs, solves puzzles and learns about the ancient gods of Egypt in this thrilling second book in the Brownstone’s Mythical Collection series by Joe Todd-Stanton.

    Marcy’s adventurer father Arthur sets off to ancient Egypt to find the legendary Book of Thoth. When he doesn’t return, young Marcy is forced to overcome her deepest fears and save him herself.

  • The Senses

    Step behind the world of the senses, in Dr Matteo Farinella’s follow-up to the bestselling Neurocomic.

    Meet the four mechanoreceptors of touch, examine our taste buds up close, discover the link between smells and memories, and learn how optical illusions trick the cells in our eyes into seeing things that aren’t there…

  • The Amazing Animal Atlas

    Open up this super-sized atlas and be prepared to be immersed in the beauty of our natural world…

    From the great winding Ganges river in India to the thick conifer forests of Northern Europe, travel across the globe to discover the rich variety of animals that share our blue planet. Written by zoologist Dr Nick Crumpton with beautiful, biologically-accurate illustrations by Gaia Bordicchia, this fascinating book makes a unique gift for animal lovers and aspiring naturalists.

  • Dalston Monsterzz

    For years, Dalston has been home to monsters… and that’s not just the property developers! Out of holes dug for new blocks of flats, huge beasts began to emerge. Two friends are forced to fight for their lives as they discover the true depths of Dalston’s darkest secret.

    Dilraj Mann’s debut graphic novel explores friendship and corruption in an alternative vision of East London.

  • 101 Movies to Watch Before You Die

    Taking the form of a diary, Ricardo Cavolo‘s favourite films are described and drawn in his unique, visceral style, creating a mesmerising book for both film and art lovers.

    Travel through the world of film, from Goodfellas to The Goonies, Harry Potter to Apocalypse Now in a magical and heartfelt exploration of the movies that have shaped Cavolo’s life and the lives of his generation.

  • A Castle in England

    A collaboration between writer Jamie Rhodes and the National Trust, this unique graphic novel plunges us into the rich and often dark history of Scotney Castle in Kent.

    Five rising stars of the UK comics scene (Isaac Lenkiewicz, Briony May Smith, William Exley, Becky Palmer and Isabel Greenberg) have illustrated five short stories that mix fiction with fact.

  • Garbage Night

    In this hotly anticipated follow-up to Jen Lee’s 17×23 comic Vacancy, juvenile animals strive to survive across a post-apocalyptic wasteland, creating a striking parable about the nature of freedom and friendship.

    Follow three best friends as they spend their days looting the desolate supermarket, waiting for the hallowed ‘garbage night’ until they encounter a mysterious stranger and set off into the unknown…

  • The Secret of Black Rock

    This captivating modern folk-tale by talented illustrator, Joe Todd-Stanton, explores the extraordinary relationship we can have with the natural world around us,

    Erin Pike is fascinated by the legend of Black Rock, a huge, dark and spiky mass that is said to destroy any boats that come near it! But are these tales really true? One day Erin sneaks on board her mother’s fishing boat to find out…

  • Nightlights

    Nightlights is a beautiful story about fear, insecurity and creativity, from the enchanting imagination of Lorena Alvarez.

    Every night, Sandy creates wonderful creatures to play with until she falls asleep and in the morning brings them back to life in the whimsical drawings that cover her room. One day, a mysterious pale girl called Morfie appears at school and is fascinated by Sandy’s drawings in a way that no one else has been before. But there is a price to pay for this new friendship…

  • Audubon, On the Wings of the World

    John James Audubon’s epic ornithological quest across America began with nothing but his artist’s materials, an assistant, a gun and an unwavering single-minded passion for birds.

    This beautiful graphic novel from Fabien Grolleau and Jérémie Royer follows the life of an exceptional naturalist, when America still felt unexplored and full of opportunity.