Kisses for Jet Book Club Discussion Questions

So you’ve finished reading Kisses For Jet, now what? Perhaps you haven’t read it yet, and are looking for something new to suggest to your book club. Or maybe you’ve scrolled through your Goodreads or Edelweiss to no avail. No matter the case, we love suggesting new books that we’re excited about. And a proper debrief to match!

Find below a list of after-reading questions to download and print, and impress your fellow book club friends with.

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Kisses For Jet

Joris Bas Backer, Translated by Ameera Rajabali

A striking and emotive graphic novel from debut trans creator, Joris Bas Backer about coming to terms with his gender before the age of the internet. For fans of Gender Queer and The Black Flamingo.

“A nuanced look into the life of a trans teen by a trans author and illustrator. The black, white, and grayish-blue illustrations powerfully capture Jet’s complicated emotions.–BuzzFeed