Discover the fascinating superpowers of tiny creatures with Kim Ryall Woolcock!

Step inside the marvellous world of micro monsters and learn all about the hidden talents of some of the smallest creatures out there.

Author of It’s Tough to be Tiny, Kim Ryall Woolcock, has created a series of videos to open your eyes to the world of micro animals and learn what it’s like to be so small. From sea slugs with built-in poison harpoons, to velvet worms with goo guns on their face – you might be surprised to discover the brilliant ways tiny creatures hunt and protect themselves!

Velvet Worms

Velvet worms might not look like they would be any good at hunting – they have soft and squishy bodies that are full of liquid! But, they’re expert predators with a surprising built-in weapon…


Nudibranchs, also known as Sea Slugs, have a fighting superpower that helps them to attack their predators. They are covered in brightly coloured fluffy tufts… but actually each ‘tuft’ is stuffed full of tiny toxin-tipped harpoons!

Ants and Acacia Trees

Acacia Trees have some strong friends who help defend them from predators… ants!

It’s Tough to be Tiny

Kim Ryall Woolcock & Illustrated by Stacey Thomas

Discover how these tiny creatures stay safe, or hunt for their lunch. Zoom in on their superpowers, like having the ability to shoot microscopic darts, spring-loaded jumps which take them to incredible heights or the amazing ways in which tiny hunters defend themselves from much bigger creatures. Maybe it’s not so tough to be tiny after all!