Discover Curious Creatures Working With Tools with Zoë Armstrong

Creator of the incredible Curious Creatures series, Zoë Armstrong, shares some of the talented animals that use tools! From bottlenose dolphins to a tailorbird, so many animals use different tools to help them eat, look after their young, and survive threats. Find out more in these three videos about clever creatures that around found within the latest book, Curious Creatures Working With Tools.

An Otter’s Toolkit

Bottlenose Dolphins

Learning New Tricks

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Curious Creatures Working With Tools

Zoë Armstrong and Anja Sušanj

From apes to dolphins to clever crows, this beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture book tells stories of amazing and resourceful tool-using animals that use objects in all kinds of crafty ways. Learn how and why these animals toil with tools, and discover that you have more in common with them than you ever imagined…

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