Farah Loves Mangos

An uplifting story about a young girl who learns to love the unexpected and appreciate her favourite mango tree.

Farah loves mangos! She could eat them all day long and she wouldn’t mind living in one either. Every summer when she visits her Grandpa they always pick the ripe fruit from his mango tree. This year, however, the tree is empty! Farah puts her mind to it and decides she will make the tree grow fruit. But perhaps Farah will learn there is more to a mango tree than just the fruit it bears?

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 27 × 23 × 3 cm
Pages 40pp
Format Hardback
ISBN 9781838741365
Age 3-5 years 5-7 years
Books Children's Books
Genre Fiction Picture books
Tags 7-11 Children's Books Flying Eye Books Picture Books

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