Robert Hunter

Nobrow came across Rob’s work a couple of years ago when we launched our first and as yet unpublished open submissions project PINM. We immediately fell in love with his refreshingly different style and admired his willingness to experiment with new formats and projects.

Since then we have worked with him for exhibitions, prints, Nobrow magazine and two beautiful comic books. Rob shares a studio with fellow Nobrow artist Jon McNaught.

The release of his book Map of Days prompted us to catch up on our Artist’s Profiles, so we got in touch to ask him a bit about his work process, motivations and future plans. Here’s what he had to say:

NB: Tell us a bit about yourself:

I graduated from Bristol in 2007 and have been working as a freelance illustrator since. I currently work in a studio with a group of friends creating books, films and animations.

I spent two years of my childhood living in the New Jersey suburbs and draw a lot of my inspiration from photographs of that period. I am lucky to have had very interesting grandparents whose stories continue to motivate my work.

NB: What inspires and informs your work, tell us a bit about your process…

RH: I create my work through traditional drawing, collage and printmaking techniques using the computer to edit. Accustomed to making images for printmaking, a lot of my work will be drawn in black and white, with additional layers for colours.