Toby and the Ice Giants

Join Toby the Bison in this fact-filled adventure as he explores the Ice Age Tundra and meets some of the giants that roamed its icy surface.

10,000 years ago, the Earth was in the grips of what Palaeontologists call The Last Glacial Period, but what you and I have come to know as the Ice Age. The inhabitants of this frozen landscape lived in some of the coldest conditions the earth has ever experienced. But before these giants grew to their great size, they were young and, like Toby, very, very inquisitive.

Ice Age is a wonderfully illustrated story that delivers digestible facts about the Earth’s historic inhabitants. Share in Toby’s lively curiosity, experience the danger of the polar climes and meet some larger-than-life characters on the way.

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 27 × 23.5 cm
Pages 32pp
Format Hardback
ISBN 9781909263581
Age 3-5 years 5-7 years
Books Children's Books Illustration Books
Genre Non-fiction Picture books
Tags Children's Books Hardback Non Fiction Picture Books

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