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Apps and ebooks are great. They offer all the bells and whistles of a video game or TV show, they’re portable, cheap, they’re even dribble-proof! So why go to the trouble of printing books?


This may very well be the question on everyone’s minds at the moment and many think there’s a strong case for being rid of books altogether. But is that really what we all want? What would the world be like without beautiful, magical, tactile books? What would our homes look like? What would our children’s bedrooms be like? Where would that wondrous reveal of turning the pulpy, inky pages of a treasured picture book go?


We at Flying Eye believe that books are far from their last leaves of paper. With a commitment to sustainable manufacturing and to quality above all else, we seek to bring you the most beautifully designed, entertaining, collectible, cherishable (not perishable!) and wonder-filled books you could wish for, and we want every single one to be as perfect as the last.


We are not going to give you the cheapest deals, or the three for one promotions, or even the free-mug-with-a-book gift. But we will offer you fairly priced books that shine with quality and that will adorn your homes (and stores) with the most enchanting art and stories we can create, for many years to come.


There’s still plenty of room for books in our future, as long as they promise to take our eyes on a journey of wonder!


Welcome to Flying Eye Books!