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Grantham Book Services

Grantham Book Services
Trent Road
NG31 7XQ

T: 01476 541080

F: 01476 541061

Email: orders@gbs.tbs-ltd.co.uk

For international orders:

T: +44 (0)1476 541082

F: +44 (0)1476 541068

Email: export@gbs.tbs-ltd.co.uk



Consortium Book Sales and Distribution 

Consortium Book Sales and Distribution
c/o Perseus Distribution Services
1094 Flex Drive
TN 38301
Tel: 731-423-1550
Fax 731 423 1335
Toll-free ordering and customer service (1.800.283.3572)
Toll-free order fax (1-800-351-5073)
Electronic ordering via PUBNET (SAN 631760X)
E-mail orders: orderentry@perseusbooks.com