Dog Crime

In a world where dogs are revered as gods, what’s the worst possible thing to be accused of? Dogcrime!

Our protagonist finds himself embroiled in a set up which will land him on the wrong side of the law. He ends up running for his life caught up in a conspiracy that will set off a war to ravage the land. Dogcrime is the precursor to a much longer story by Blexbolex entitled No Man’s Land (a 200 page graphic novel which follows the path of our unfortunate protagonist as his mind explores the possibilities of what might have been before his self inflicted summary execution takes effect). Printed in 3 spot colours in the style that Blexbolex has come to be so famous for, Dogcrime is a stunningly beautiful book to behold and has an equally zany story to match.

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Tags Comics Nobrow Nobrow Small Press

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