Nobrow 10: Studio Dreams

Paperback | 152pp | 220 x 310mm | ISBN 9781910620397
This item will be released on 1st May 2018.

Celebrating 10 years of Nobrow, this extra special edition of the Nobrow magazine features 70 artists responding to our theme of  ‘Studio Dreams’.

World-renowned creators turn their hand to creating their dream studio spaces (whatever that might mean for each one) in this unique international showcase containing over 100 pages of illustration.

Featuring illustrations by:

Olimpia Zagnoli | Jamie Jones | Lisk Feng | Molly Mendoza | Eleni Kalorkoti | Yukai Du | Gizem Vural | Bianca Bagnarelli | Jon Boam | Owen Davey | David Doran | Dustin Harbin | Icinori | Marc Martin & many, many more!

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