Nobrow books and products are stocked by the leading design, comic and art bookshops across the world, if you would like to order our books for your shop, please contact our representatives in the territories specified below.

For wholesale order enquiries please contact our distributors:

GB Nobrow stockists, if you would like to be the recipients of press packs and preview samples (where available) please email us with your shipping address and contact details and we’ll put you on our (physical) mailing list.

United Kingdom: for Nobrow Press ONLY

In this territory We are now represented by PGUK
For information about our sales team, or to contact a PGUK Sales Representative
Email: sales@pguk.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)20 7405 1105

Please contact our distribution centre for your order:


Trent Road
NG31 7XQ
Tel: +44 (0)1476 541080
Fax: +44 (0)1476 541061

Email: orders@gbs.tbs-ltd.co.uk

For our Children’s titles under the imprint of Flying Eye Books (represented by Bounce Sales & Marketing) please visit http://www.flyingeyebooks.com

France, Belgium, Switzerland

Belles Lettres Diffusion Distribution
25 rue du Général Leclerc
94270 Le Kremlin Bicetre

T: (+33) 01 45 15 19 70
F: (+33) 01 45 15 19 80


Consortium Book Sales and Distribution


Ruth Berger
Trade Sales Manager
Consortium Book Sales & Distribution
The Keg House
34 Thirteenth Avenue NE, Suite 101
Minnesota 55413-1006
Tel:  (+1) 612 746 2612
Fax: (+1) 612 746 2606


Consortium Books Sales and Distribution
c/o Perseus Distribution Services
1094 Flex Drive
TN 38301
Tel: 731-423-1550
Fax 731 423 1335
Toll-free ordering and customer service (1.800.283.3572)
Toll-free order fax (1-800-351-5073)
Electronic ordering via PUBNET (SAN 631760X)
E-mail orders: orderentry@perseusbooks.com


Publishers Group Canada


300-76 Stafford St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M6J 2S1
Phone: 416-934-9900
Toll Free: 1-800-747-8147
Fax: 416-934-1410
Email: info@pgcbooks.ca

Raincoast Books
2440 Viking Way
Richmond, BC
Canada, V6V 1N2

Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm PST
Phone: 1-800-663-5714
Fax: 1-800-565-3770
Email: customerservice@raincoast.com

Australia and New Zealand Distribution

Walker Books Australia and New Zealand

Level 2, 5 Wilson Street
Newtown NSW 2042
Tel. 02 9517 9577
Fax. 02 9571 9997
Email. sales@walkerbooks.com.au


Please do not contact our distributors for general inquiries such as portfolios, work proposals, CVs, it is not their job to deal with these queries and we are more than happy to help you if you email us at nobrowsubs@gmail.com

Many thanks!