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Pick Me Up: Nobrow

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 29 April 2010, 16:15    Permalink    Comments (8)

In the second installment of our batch of short films made whilst perusing the wares and exhibits of the Pick Me Up graphic art fair currently running at Somerset House, we caught up with Alex Spiro and Sam Arthur, founders of Nobrow...

Spiro and Arthur haven't just been busy getting the show ready, the pair have somehow managed to publish a slew of new books and publications since CR last spoke to them just a few months ago... Before you watch the next film, you might want to tweak the volume on your computer as this sound on this next film is a little louder than on the last!

Here's a closer look at the books Al showcases in the above film:

The latest issue of Nobrow's regularly published illustration magazine, Nobrow 3 (cover, shown above is by ATAK) features work by a host of illustrators and artsists including...

John Sibbick

Luke Pearson

Mike Bertino

The first 3000 copies of each Nobrow is numbered on the back cover, as above

Rise & Fall is a concertina folded "book" that showcases artist Micah Lidberg's illustrated depiction of the rise and fall of the dinosaurs on one side and then the rise of the mammals on the other. Above is a shot of a copy of it displayed in the Nobrow section of Pick Me Up. Below is a detail and below that is a shot of how the book is packaged.

Birchfield Close by Jon McNaught. Hardback cover shown above, a selection of spreads shown below

Dog Crime by Blex Bolex. Cover above, some spreads below

Jeff Job Hunter by Jack Teagle - the latest in Nobrow's 17x23 short graphic story series. It tells the tale of Jeff who goes to the Job Centre to claim his job-seekers allowance but ends up slicing up serpents and skeletons in a dungeon...

These are the latest two tomes to be hand screenprinted in Nobrow's basement screenprinting studio. The one on the left is Hand by Luke Best, the one on the right is Short Cuts by Orlando. Here's a spread from each:

To find out more about Nobrow's books and products, visit their brand spanking new website at



Awesome work here. Properly beautiful
Poor Concept
2010-04-30 10:23:59

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! thanks for doing this article.
2010-04-30 12:03:32

Fantastic work - I need to move south again and stop cowering up here in the Back of Beyond
Max Scratchmann
2010-04-30 17:43:05

2010-05-04 21:53:19

Beautiful, thanks. :)
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-05-06 02:08:38

Amazing work, all their illustrations are incredibly engrossing. I wouldn't mind getting ahold of some of their books for myself.
Jasmine Farahat
2010-09-24 03:45:07

their site is deadddd....

No... am Malaysian artist heading to London..

thought could meet up with them and learn
some tricks... argghhh...

anyone know how I can contact them?
2010-10-09 08:01:47

wow thats impressive. we have some similar styled artwork on our website with cute illustrations....
Luke Baldwin
2011-08-09 16:15:30

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