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Wolf’s Whistle on sale!

Bjorn’s book, The Wolf’s Whistle is finally here! Albert is a comic-creating, scrawny little wolf who spends his lunch breaks sharing tales of the ‘Lone Wolf’, his heroic graphic alter ego, to his group of misfit friends; dreaming of one day selling the story to the esteemed Wonder Comics. In reality, Albert and his friends did regularly make battle with an evil force, the Honeyroast brothers. The school’s alpha male sports jocks, the three bratty pigs, the sons of the local property magnate, will stop at nothing to torment their weaker classmates. The story resumes many years later when Albert is a mail room assistant at Wonder comics, living in a dingy one bed studio in Brooklyn where the Honeyroast brothers are now reigning as slumlords… Bjorn Rune Lie’s first solo book for Nobrow is a work of pure beauty and also represents the first foray into children’s books by Nobrow and one of our most cherished collaborators.

This is what Venue Magazine, Bristol’s first rate art publication had to say about The Wolf’s Whistle:

“…enter the big bad wolf. But was he really so bad? This is the question at the heart of Bjorn Rune Lie’s book ‘The Wolf’s Whistle’, the first instalment in Nobrow’s ‘Behind the Tails’ series. The series will explore the back-stories of fairy tales’ most notorious villains – Bjorn’s follows Albert, a scrawny little wolf who spends his lunch break drawing and dreaming of selling his story to Wonder Comics. He is terrorised by the three bratty Honey-roast brothers (they’re of the porcine persuasion, naturally), the bully-boy sons of a local property magnate. Eventually Albert is forced to make a stand against his oppressors and fulfill his destiny as the crime-fighting Lone Wolf. Bjorn’s nostalgic, three-coloured drawings hark back to mid- century Americana with a prohibition twist and a cast of outlandish characters of extreme proportions. As you can see from these here pictures…”