Tropical Birds Wrap (5 sheets)Tropical Birds Wrap (5 sheets)Tropical Birds Wrap (5 sheets)Tropical Birds Wrap (5 sheets)

Tropical Birds Wrap (5 sheets)


One of the 6 new wrapping paper designs to grace our collection is Jill Green‘s ever popular, trademark bird design. The winged beasts are back in full tropical regalia with a new colour way to match their exotic plumage. Who said winter had to be dull or dreary?

Each purchase comes with 5 sheets of high quality FSC assured 90 gsm uncoated wrapping paper printed in four unique spot colours. Don’t go for that drab, sorry excuse for wrapping paper you find everywhere in cheap card shops when you can impress friends, family or loved ones with this expertly designed, aesthetically honed beaut.

Note to customers: we no longer sell our wrapping paper online. To get your hands on these lovely designs simply pop into your local bookshop or stationer’s and request an order.

Retailers, for info on how to stock these wrap designs please see our ‘Wholesale Page’.


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