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The Hand


When we first met with Luke Best he had a series of drawings that were really intriguing. According to Luke, ‘THE HAND’ Is based on a short story by Katherine Dunn called ‘That’s all I know (right now)’ which in turn is based on the song of the same name by Sonic Youth. The short story was inspired by local rumours from Portland, Oregon where a severed hand was found in a park. Luke came across the story when he was visiting the area and decided to make some work about it. He mysteriously says “But nothing can match the uncomfortable truth.” and we are inclined to agree… except actually we don’t know the ‘truth’! We like the book though and it’s lovingly rendered in red and blue and has the added bonus of a fold out dust jacket. Signed and numbered by Luke’s own un-severed hand it’s available in an edition of just 50 copies.

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