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Telegramme ELCAF Print


In honour of the second East London Comics and Art Festival, we invited 10 renowned artists to design a special edition silk-screen print, using a duotone palette picked from red, blue and yellow. The result: 10 stunning and expertly screen-printed ┬ápieces of art, numbered and signed… and fast running out!

Once upon a time, birds trilled sweet melodies from the tops of the highest trees to attract their feathery counterparts. Now, they just drop each other a line using the best that technology has to offer. After all, no-one likes a show off! Telegramme’s print co-ordinates bold red and corvulean blue to to create a distinct and playful design.

Telegramme is the creative brainchild of Bobby Evans. Based in East London, Telegramme studio is fuelled by a love for music, people, unique ideas and beautiful things. Bobby pools his energy into the art direction and Illustration and design for a host of different clients including Habitat, Random House and various international record labels.