Stig and Tilde: Leader of the Pack

64pp | 279 x 202mm | Paperback | ISBN 9781910620656

After a narrow escape the first time round, Stig and Tilde find themselves shipwrecked once more on a mystery island… where they’re immediately greeted by a pack of feral wolves!

With their boat in bad shape, and only each other for back up, will they make it out unscathed? Or end up in the belly of several hungry beasts? Find out in the second instalment of Stig & Tilde.

‘‘Stig & Tilde is a delightful coming-of-age story told with humour and charm … every page brings an evoca- tive surprise that warmly depicts the unexplored territory of growing up.’’

– Lorena Alvarez, creator of the Nightlights series

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