Inspired by the mythical serpent Ouroboros, Ben Newman takes the reader on a tale of action and adventure that juxtaposes brutal violence with ecstatic comic exuberance, where our protagonist fights a band of rogue, thuggish, drug peddling perverts after they murder his newly beloved mermaid.

Brought to life in a world of Newman’s trademark bold style and visually arresting use of colour and timing; Newman plays with the theme of life and rebirth until the story’s final punch line, seeing life not as a one-way path but as something that goes back on itself and is forever looping. As described in the book ‘(life) is that which is forever done, but which may not be undone, it is life and death intertwined. Both chicken and the egg… but also Sunday dinner’.

Nobrow 17 x 23 Series © 2010 is a new graphic short story project designed to help talented young graphic novelists tell their stories in a manageable and economic format. the hope is that, while the series encourages artists to write one off stories, 17×23 can act as a springboard for more ambitious projects.

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