Nobrow #7 Sam Vanallemeersch PrintNobrow #7 Sam Vanallemeersch PrintNobrow #7 Sam Vanallemeersch Print

Nobrow #7 Sam Vanallemeersch Print


The two extraordinary covers from the latest edition of Nobrow Magazine are now available as flat A2 litho prints. Both covers, by Belgian illustrator Sam Vanallemeersch and Turkish artist Eda Akaltun, are reflections on the issue’s theme: Brave New World, and both explode with violent, disjoined imagery that invites and rewards many repeat viewings.

Sam Vanallemeersch’s work explodes with colourful, jagged edges and drips with lunatic patterns and whorls.

His enigmatic sketchbooks have won him universal acclaim in the design community and he recently produced the luxuriously, mind-bogglingly vivid Big Mother #2 for us at Nobrow.

A treat for a Huxley fan or illustration enthusiast, pick up your print today!

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