Matthew The Horse ELCAF PrintMatthew The Horse ELCAF PrintMatthew The Horse ELCAF Print

Matthew The Horse ELCAF Print


In honour of the second East London Comics and Art Festival, we invited 10 renowned artists to design a special edition silk-screen print, using a duotone palette picked from red, blue and yellow. The result: 10 stunning and expertly screen-printed  pieces of art, numbered and signed… and fast running out!

Bold lines, crisp shading and a fluid form; Matthew the Horse’s print is both beautiful and engaging. Matthew the Horse was brought up in the beautiful hills of the north, amongst wind and livestock. He studied at Bath Spa and now live in Leeds, where he teaches at the art school. He likes to draw using calligraphic pens and brushes which encourages him to think about line and pattern. He is interested in the relationship between shapes, functional, visual devices and wobbly hand drawn lines. He likes rap music, hot meat, bicycle rides, thinking in the dark, heroes, trying to tell good stories, drawing as a language and bashing the internet.




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