Malevolent MelodyMalevolent MelodyMalevolent MelodyMalevolent MelodyMalevolent Melody

Malevolent Melody


It’s a rare occasion that a comic book is given its own soundtrack, rarer still is when the soundtrack is written by the comic’s own illustrator; with Malevolent Melody, Mcbess has given us both in one neat little package.

Featuring Mcbess’ signature stretched and deformed figures set in an entirely monotone world, where backgrounds blend into the fore and aside jokes and little details litter the page, Malevolent Melody centres on the exploits of shipwrecked amnesiac Mcb, whose attempts to remember the melody of a certain song awaken spontaneous choruses in Pirates, Alpine Giants and Amazonian women taking him on a journey from the coastline to the mountains.

Accompanied by a vinyl 7” featuring songs by Mcbess’ band The Dead Pirates, Malevolent Melody’s pages are lit up by the band’s pulsating rhythm and blues, recorded in a way to sync and mimic the comic’s storyline.

Released in late 2009, Malevolent Melody is available exclusively from Nobrow Press.

malevolent melody book from mc bess on Vimeo.

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