Icy Lake Skaters Wrap (5 sheets)Icy Lake Skaters Wrap (5 sheets)Icy Lake Skaters Wrap (5 sheets)Icy Lake Skaters Wrap (5 sheets)

Icy Lake Skaters Wrap (5 sheets)


The second of three beautiful wrapping paper designs being released just in time for Xmas/Hanukkah season is a print by the artistic duo Golden Cosmos (Daniel Doltz and Doris Freigofas). Perfect for the winter season, a group of icy lake skaters bump, bash and bound about on the ice. Printed in four stunning spot colours, this high quality wrapping paper is the ideal adornment for holiday season gifts to loved ones, friends and family.

Each purchase comes with 5 sheets of high quality FSC assured 90 gsm uncoated wrapping paper printed in four unique spot colours (including gold). Don’t go for that drab, sorry excuse for wrapping paper you find everywhere in cheap card shops when you can impress friends, family or loved ones with this expertly designed, aesthetically honed beaut.

Note to customers: we no longer sell our wrapping paper online. To get your hands on these lovely designs simply pop into your local bookshop or stationer’s and request an order.

Retailers, for info on how to stock these wrap designs please see our ‘Wholesale Page’.

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