ELCAF Chris Ware PosterELCAF Chris Ware PosterELCAF Chris Ware Poster

ELCAF Chris Ware Poster

Dimensions: A2 | Series: ELCAF | Colour: CMYK | Limited price offer Litho poster

ELCAF 2014 is fast approaching and the buzz surrounding the day is steadily accelerating.This year’s East London Comics and Arts Festival will see an impressive list of exhibitors and artists come together to celebrate the very best in design, illustration and graphic arts. There will be workshops to muck into, talks by some exciting guest speakers, food, drinks, and the chance to get signed copies of your favourite books. To top it all off with a little bit of glamour, we’ve managed to get our hands on the multi award-winning comic artist, Chris Ware. Chris will be joining us on the day to take part in the antics but to kickstart the celebrations he’s designed the official poster which we’re putting on sale for all you lovely ladies and gents to ooze over. To really get your toes tingling, we’re selling the poster here online at a reduced price of £7.50 for a limited time only. Buy it now, take it to the fair and maybe, just maybe (if you ask nicely), Chris might sign it for you.



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