Biografiktion ELCAF PrintBiografiktion ELCAF PrintBiografiktion ELCAF Print

Biografiktion ELCAF Print


In honour of the second East London Comics and Art Festival, we invited 10 renowned artists to design a special edition silk-screen print, using a duotone palette picked from red, blue and yellow. The result: 10 stunning and expertly screen-printed  pieces of art, numbered and signed… and fast running out!

Mushroom picking on the back of a giant robot? Why ever not. Biografikiton never fail to dazzle and delight us! Ana and Paul (two of Biografiktion’s co-founders) demonstrate true master technique in their use of colour, shading and overlapping lines to create this intricate and quirky silk screen print.

Édition Biografiktion formed when Ana Albero, Till Hafenbrak and Paul Paetzel met at Berlin’s University of the Arts. Ana (born in Alicante, Spain) works globally as a freelance illustrator and won a merit from 3×3 Magazine in 2010. Till is an illustrator who works with strong and contrasting colours. Paul lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Berlin; his works have been published in international anthologies such as ku !, Plus Plus, Nobrow, Blutt, Crachoir, Gang Bang Bong and Orang. They have been self-publishing as a collective since 2008.


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