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News : An Evening with Dr. Matteo Farinella and THE SENSES!
September 25 2017

New York, NY– Dr. Matteo Farinella, co-author and illustrator of the hit graphic novel Neurocomic, will be in attendance at the wonderful Caveat NYC for an evening of conversation about the science and the art of his latest graphic novel, The Senses! Bring your friends and sit in with Dr. Farinella as he gives you all the nitty-gritty […]

News : Electroshock: A prehistory
June 2 2014

Philip Loring of the Science Museum will guide you through the fascinating journey of the electrical networks of the brain as part of the Neurocomic exhibition taking place at the Cube London. When most people today think of electroshock, they think of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), made infamous in the 1970s by books such as One Flew Over […]

News : A Mad Scientist’s Tea Party
April 24 2014

Since Neurocomic hit US stores there has been an incredible furore surrounding Ros and Farinella’s bestselling graphic novel. There was a flurry of features and reviews, amongst which Wired listed Neurocomic in their top 5 comics to read and  Maria Poppova described it as a “remarkable collaboration [which]… explains the inner workings of the brain in delightful and illuminating […]

News : Festivals and Frolics
April 4 2014

We said that 2014 was set to be a superb year, and so far it has done nothing but exceed expectations. The last few months have seen us flying all over the world, bustling about the UK and buzzing through London to take part in some fantastic events with some of our favourite authors.  It’s […]

News : Shoreditch Christmas Triangle
November 27 2013

As the celebrations of our dear Saint Nick fast approaches, so does the question of what to buy for whom develop from a niggling thought to a painful and persistent nightmare. But before that yearly conundrum rears its ugly head, stop and take a peek at what we have to offer this holiday. Nobrow is […]

News : Everything you always wanted to know about the brain, but were afraid to ask
August 29 2013

Dr Hana Roš and Dr Matteo Farinella’s incomparable Neurocomic hits bookshops today! If your summer holiday has left your senses dulled then get your synapses firing again with this mind-expanding graphic novel. Neurocomic explains the physical and chemical processes that govern perception and introduces you to the pioneering neuroscientists who first delved into the dark recesses of the brain, where memories lurk […]