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– Nobrow 1: Gods and Monsters Exhibition at Jaguarshoes

Nobrow came virtually out of nowhere, so our first show had to be spectacular. We were kindly given the space at Shoreditch stalwart DreambagsJaguarshoes to doll up for a 6 week exhibition and we jumped at the opportunity. Aside from the unbelievable stress of putting the show up there was that underlying, lingering fear that no one would come…

Thankfully that was far from being the case, the first show was packed out all night and we sold bucketloads of magazines as well as consuming several palletloads of alcohol amongst the 150 or so people who attended the event. It started off with a resounding sense of approval and we were given the confidence to press on.

So thank you to everyone who came and supported us, and continue to do so by attending our events and buying our books. Below are some photos of the space before and during the exhibition.