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Exhibition: Murmuring Landscapes by Jon McNaught and Rob Hunter

A more apt name could not be found for the often silent and serene work of the two artists, who share a studio in Bristol. Both avid printmakers Jon and Rob are responsible for our very first selling exhibition at the gallery to be exclusively dealing in prints: lithographs, screen prints, letterpress embossing, you name it, it’ll be there.  This is also your chance to bagsy yourself a signed copy of either Birchfield Close or the newly released Pebble Island. Murmuring Landscapes will run until the end of January 2011, so if you didn’t make it to the private view then don’t get you knickers in a twist, there’s still plenty of time.


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BELA LUGOSI by Paul Paetzel for sale from tomorrow!

Howdy folks, so we were hoping to release this for Halloween, but spooky forces prevented us from doing so. So here it is now, the very first copy of our next screen printed edition, Bela Lugosi by Paul Paetzel of Biografiktion (a prolific collective which also comprises artists Till Hafenbrak and Ana Albero). The talented trio from Berlin were kind enough to collaborate with Nobrow to release some of their stellar comics and screen printed zines as UK editions – the first of which being this ‘true life story’ of the infamous Bela Lugosi, the actor responsible for early screen adaptaions of Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolfman. In a career spanning 40 years and 110 movies, he came to define what we think of as classic horror. But don’t take my word for it, come to the shop and see the very first bound copy of the book now.

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Upcoming titles 2: Hildafolk by Luke Pearson
Hilda is sitting in her tent at night listening to the rumble of the storm passing overhead when she hears a bell.  As she hurtles towards the vanishing tinkling sound, Hilda unwittingly embarks on an adventure into strange worlds ruled by magical forces. Luke Pearson tells this exciting tale with his stunningly adept use of line and colour, demonstrating a grasp of graphic storytelling far past his years. Hildafolk is a stellar beginning to what is already a burgeoning UK comic talent. Pre-order will be available from next wednesday.

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A Graphic Cosmogony is out on Pre-Order!

24 artists each take 7 pages to tell their version of the creation of everything. 24 artists and comic creators each deal with a tale of creation over the course of 7 pages. We’ve already heard about the cosmic farts, oversized bearded men creating the universe in a week, cataclysmic divorces, giants with irritable bowel syndrome, master carpenters and potters, orbs of energy and galactic seeds. Time to turn the reins over to another bunch of creative people to come up with hopefully even more ludicrous answers to that timeless question: where did this all come from?

With an introduction by freelance journalist, curator, lecturer and writer Paul Gravett whose brainchild Comica festival has become a staple of the British comics scene and featuring the contributions of artists such as Stuart Kolakovic, Blexbolex, Luc Melanson, Jon McNaught and Luke Pearson, it will be an anthology to match the best!

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We’re back online!

Hi All, sorry for the brief but heart wrenching radio silence this weekend. As it happens, the server we use broke down and as it was the weekend, there was no one to fix it. Thankfully the problem was resolved this evening at the behest of our many emails and phonecalls. The shop and website are both back up and running and we apologise from the bottom of our hearts for having caused any inconvenience to our loyal fans and customers.

For your toils and troubles we are going to do something we only very rarely do, give you a sneak peek at Nobrow Issue 4: Like Night and Day, and if this is anything to set the standard for the next big bad Nobrow mag – I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Illustration by Till Hafenbrack © 2010

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Gift 10 Vyner Street

Thanks to Zulfqar and Julien for having us yesterday at  Gift 10 Vyner street for the launch of their Nobrow product range, it was a blast! People loved the books and we reached out to a bunch of people who hadn’t encountered us yet. You can still buy our products at Gift as well as exclusive Small Press books and other goodies, well worth a trip.

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Nobrow product launch at 10 Vyner street tonight

The Lovely folks at Gift 10 Vyner street gallery have been kind enough to launch a range of NoBrow products at their gallery with a festive first Thursday tonight. For all those who can make it, swing by, we’ll be there from 6-9pm – whilst there you can have a look at our latest book ‘Ada’ which we only received yesterday still wet from the presses…

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Urban Outfitters – Nobrow

Nobrow on Urban Outfitters! We are very proud to be on the UO website front page where we also sell a number of our wares in their very tempting online shop. Keep checking for collaborations and exclusives.

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Nobrow Curios is back – Rocks and Minerals

After almost a year and a half in hibernation, Nobrow Curios – the place where we share all of our inspiring bits and bobs – is back. This first post concerns a specific volume of The Golden Stamp Book series by Simon and Schuster © 1957, created so that children could take part in illustrating the educational book themselves, well… sort of.

What we find so delicious about these books though, is that the stamps as well as being a means to add colour and interactivity to an otherwise rather bland, monotone book were an inventive way of circumventing the costly process full colour printing. Kudos to the Simon and Schuster of the 50s for their exercises in modesty and thriftiness. Beautiful book! More pics below… look at that bling!

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Ada – New Nobrow book released on pre-order

You have waited long enough- you say, but it was surely worth it, because after the long wait you are all rewarded amply with this stunning book by Atak and Gertrude Stein and the first of many Nobrow releases in time for the holiday season.

In this illustrated version of celebrated poet and art patron Gertrude Stein’s first ‘word portrait’, Berlin based artist Atak visually recounts the fortunes of the poem’s two protagonists Barnes and Ada Colhard alongside a hand written version of the poem. Generally thought to have been created for Stein’s lover Alice Toklas, the poem represented a significant breakthrough in her prose writing as it focused on the interior quality of the characters and established the stylistic format for many ‘portraits’ to come.

Atak’s unique style of illustration harks back to the days of chromolithography. As with these early printing techniques, on every page of the book each print layer is meticulously created by hand directly onto film. There are only a handful of artists left still using this technique and the result is inimitable. The book has the look and feel of something created in the early days of printmaking.

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New! Jon McNaught Prints

Directly from the pages of Birchfield Close, the acclaimed graphic novella by Jonathan McNaught comes a series of prints that humorously represent the biodiversity of the British wildlife. This print ‘Pond and River’ is just over A4 size, printed in an edition of just 35 copies. Also check out ‘Town and Garden’ keep your eyes peeled for the final two in the British Wildlife series to be released soon.

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Bento Bestiary hardcover to be released soon…

Child-eating turtles, seductive man-eating serpent-ladies and giant, drunken human-crushing babies, what could possibly tie them together?
The Bento Bestiary is returning to our webshop and to a bookshop near you as the very affordable Hardcover Edition. For any of you who missed out on the chance to own the lavishly printed Small Press Edition, here’s your chance to nab your own little slice of the Bento Beasties.
With an entirely reworked text by author Scott J Donaldson and a host of upgraded Yokai from artist Ben Newman, the Bento bestiary is a must have for any fan those Japanese super beasts who have dominated our screens and minds for the better part of half a century. Read up on Godzilla and Mothra’s great, great grandparents and prove yourself a worthy fan, ignore them and you may yourself end up on the wrong side of a pair of monstrous chopsticks…

The Bento Bestiary will be released on October 20th 2010, pre-order available from October 1st!

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On the 23rd of September Nobrow gallery will be welcoming the eminently talented Belgian surrealist illustrator/artist Brecht Vandenbroucke to our gallery space at Nobrow Shop and Gallery, where we will be showing a collection of just under twenty works by the prolific painter. Private view starts at 6.30 pm on Thurs 23rd Sept. Click here to RSVP and see event details.

Brecht Vandenbroucke, one of the most recent additions to the roster of Nobrow artists, works in the true tradition of his Flemish predecessors, vast and complex paintings detailing everything from the apocalypse to the mundanities of everyday life. His stunning use of colour and adeptness with printmaking made him a prime target for Nobrow activities from the first time we saw his work on Flickr, via a small 20px squared portrait on a comment box of someone else’s Flickr photostream. Yes, it was a strange way to come across such great work, but that’s why its so great… read more here.

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Exhibition Doom 3.0

Last week saw the opening of our second exhibition at Nobrow Gallery, ‘Doom 3.0’. This time it was a double hit of illustrative euphoria as artists Jon Boam and Matthew the Horse took the mantle. After a busy week of preparation the gallery was finally transformed into a doodler’s paradise, with Jon and Matt’s kindred yet distinct styles gracing every surface of the premises, whether framed, clipped or painted directly onto the walls. Some of the characters even came to life, thanks to the ever impressive felt-craft of one Felt Mistress.

Screen-printed trading cards were produced specially for the show in a range of colours, and sealed inside specially screen-printed packaging. Somewhere lurking inside some of the packs bronze, silver or gold cards, for the luckiest of customers.

The crowds over spilled onto the street at the private view, and stayed long after the alcohol ran dry. It was a great turnout.

Our usual selection of books, zines and prints are coexisting nicely with the new arrivals housed on some brand spanking new shop fittings and a slew of new products are on the way soon to fill their maiden shelves. Come and have a look for yourselves and don’t forget to pick up one of the unique packs of mini prints by the two artists for the amazingly low price of just 20 pounds!