• Katja Spitzer

    Katja Spitzer was born in a small town in Sachsen-Anhalt. She studied a lot: First she studied art history and historical studies. After graduating she went on to study illustration  at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig under the guidance of Volker Pfüller and Thomas Matthaeus Müller. One semester was completed at the HGK […]

  • David Lucas

    David Lucas describes his drawing as ‘knitting with ink’ and his stories are a mix of myth, fairytale and autobiography. Previously published by Candlewick Press and Andersen Press his books include Halibut Jackson, The Robot and the Bluebird and The Lying Carpet, a richly illustrated fable for older readers. A Letter for Bear is his first book with Flying Eye. What inspires […]

  • Ugo Gattoni

    Ugo Gattoni grew up in the Vitry sur seine in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. He studied Graphic Design at the EPSAA in Paris and graduated in 2010. His first major exhibition included an enormous wall-sized drawing rendered entirely with a black fine-liner pen. Ugo has now gained a reputation for his detailed and […]

  • Tom Clohosy Cole

    Tom Clohosy Cole is a Brighton bred, London based freelance illustrator, designer and animator. As well as publishing Space Race under Nobrow Press’ Leporello Series, he has been commissioned to work for many major organisations including the Financial Times, The Radio Times and the Wellcome Trust. He is currently working as the background designer on a […]

  • Kyle Platts

    Kyle Platts grew up in Sheffield, England, and despite being told by a careers advisor to work in a steel mill rather than pursue a career as a cartoonist, he studied illustration at Camberwell College of Arts and graduated in 2011. Since graduating he has had great success as a commercial freelance illustrator and has […]

  • Jesse Moynihan

    Jesse Moynihan is a long-time native of West Philadelphia’s music/art scene. His previous comics include Xeric Award-winning comic: The Backwards Folding Mirror and Follow Me. He currently writes and storyboards as part of the creative team behind cult Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. So, between making comics and creating super cool designs for an awesome […]

  • Nick Crumpton

    Nick is a biologist and comic book reader. He wrote a PhD about moles and other small mammals, worked at the BBC Natural History Unit, then the Natural History Museum in London, and now spends his time thinking about lizards. Although he’s a big fan of mammals (he has an inordinate fondness for tenrecs) he […]

  • Marguerite Abouet

    Marguerite Abouet was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in 1971. At the age of 12, her parents sent her to live with her uncle in Paris in order to pursue her education. Following the tremendous success of her comics Aya de Yopougon, Marguerite Abouet is now dedicating all of her time to her writing. Marguerite […]

  • The Flying Eye Scribes

    The mysterious Flying Eye Scribes were forged amidst the grandiose halls and glorious spires of Oxbridge universities. Eking out ascetic existences, jettisoning any semblance of social lives, they tirelessly comb the ancient annals of the Bodleian in search of the most mesmerising, magnificent, mind-expanding morsels of scientific and historical knowledge. They also occasionally use an otherworldly, almost magical […]