• Keith Negley

    Keith Negley is an award-winning editorial illustrator with a penchant for emotionally driven illustration. He’s been published in a wide range of major newspapers and national magazines, and is a frequent contributor to The New York Times and New Yorker. He lives in the mountains of Bellingham Washington surrounded by rainforests and giant spiders.

  • Joshua Seigal

    Joshua says he had a poor attention span at school, and was always daydreaming and drawing comics. He thought that he had to get very good grades otherwise his parents wouldn’t love him, so he worked very hard and went to university. Then he worked even harder and went to another university to do a […]

  • Jérémie Royer

    Jérémie grew up in Nice between the sea and the mountains. He was calmed by the nature that surrounded him there, and often enjoyed walking with his father through the surrounding landscape.   To find out a little more about her work, we asked Jérémie the following questions… What inspires your work? Nature inspires my […]

  • Hamish Steele

    Hamish grew up near Glastonbury, Somerset, surrounded by legends, myths and folktale. He started his first webcomic when he was 15 and was always trying to work out how to get his stories told. He went on to study Animation and Illustration at Kingston University, where he focused on animation, and now works full time […]

  • Ella Bailey

  • Dilraj Mann

    Dilraj Mann is an artist and illustrator based in Lewes in the UK. His art is largely inspired by the unexpected and often curious locals from the streets of London. He is the creator of Stroke and Queue zines and his work has appeared in the Island anthology and Kus, amongst many others.

  • Avalon Nuovo

    Avalon was born and raised in Los Angeles, and went to school in Pasadena at the Art Center College of Design. After getting her BA in illustration Avalon moved to London to work on the Nobrow & Flying Eye Books editorial team. She now lives and works in Cambridge, where she’s a full-time freelance illustrator. […]

  • Alexis Deacon

    Alexis Deacon’s first book, Slow Loris, was named one of the hundred best children’s books of all time by Time Magazine. He has twice been shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal and is a two time recipient of The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books Award.

  • AJ Dungo

    AJ Dungo was born in Fort Myers, Florida. He then moved to Toronto, then settled in Los Angeles where he attended Art Center in Pasadena. When he’s not making comics he works as an illustrator and designer. And when he’s not working on anything, he’s working on his cutbacks on his surfboard and slappies on […]