• Luke Pearson

    From the moment we saw Luke‘s work as a submission in our famously delayed project PINM we knew he would make an indelible mark on the UK illustration and comics scene. In the year or so since then, to say that he has been prolific would be an understatement, producing his very first published comic, the […]

  • McBess

    When we met back in 2008, McBess and I instantly became friends, his idiosyncratic, filthy sense of humour and his skills as a master craftsman of the almighty pen (and Wacom) as well his passion for creating made him an instant Nobrow success story. Releasing first, to much acclaim from his ridiculously large number of […]

  • Matthew the Horse

    Matthew the Horse seems an odd moniker for a rather large man from Leeds, and to be honest, I still don’t really understand his particular affinity with members of the equine species, but having met him I can say that he is a rather high calibre human. Having worked with Matt on DOOOM 3.0, I […]

  • Mikkel Sommer

    We found Mikkel on the Spera website, a veritable treasure trove of comic book talent, and was swiftly blown over by his artwork and uncanny ability to convey grand, cinematic atmospheres in his drawings. After many months of long phone conversations and countless emails, Obsolete graced the shelves of comic book shops the world over. […]

  • Jack Teagle

    I divide my time between painting, comics and zines, and commercial design and illustration work. I work from an old shipping container that I have converted into a studio on my parent’s farm in Cornwall. I collect action figures and old comics. I have to pile everything into boxes that are stacked everywhere. I’ve shown […]

  • Stuart Kolakovic

    Stuart Kolakovic has been with us from the very beginning, which makes it all the more surprising that he is the latest addition to our roster of Artist’s Profiles. The ever busy, dumbfoundingly talented illuskater (yup, that’s the right spelling, he’s an avid skater and illustrator) was of course responsible for the first issue’s cover […]

  • Jon Boam

    Recently we caught up with Jon Boam the artist responsible for the amazing Colour Me Menagerie to ask him what makes him tick. Here’s what he had to say: I am a 33 year old man, I live in Derbyshire with my wife and daughter, I have lived in a bunch of different places, done […]

  • Jock Mooney and Alasdair B ..

    Alasdair and Jock met at Edinburgh College of Art in 2000, after graduating in Animation (Alasdair) and Sculpture (Jock). Their first collaboration in 2008 was an ambitious animated music promo for the Canadian band, Tom Fun Orchestra. The result, ‘Throw Me to the Rats’ was a searing success and went on to win ‘Music Video […]

  • Paul Paetzel

    We first encountered Paul Paetzel’s work when we became aware of a small but brilliant collective from Berlin called Biografiktion. Comprised of three artists Paul Paetzel, Till Hafenbrak and Ana Albero, the collective sought to group together to produce a series of comics and books inspired, as their name suggests, by biography and fiction. Each […]