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Masks by Ben Newman feat Felt Mistress

‘MASKS’ is a solo exhibition of works from Ben Newman and comprises of a series of geometrically and brightly designed prints. Looking at ceremonial masks in various countries, Ben has created a fresh body of unique work that comprises of his love and fascination with totem poles, Constructivism, folklore, European Deco, bizarre creatures and colour theory. Alongside the prints, Ben has collaborated with his Father, Colin Newman to create a handful of wooden three dimensional imaginings of these Masks.

In the upstairs section of the show, Ben will be exhibiting an assorted collection of other prints and paraphernalia. Also included in the upstairs section will be Ben’s first collaboration with the incredible Felt Mistress, who has reinterpreted three of Ben’s monsters into three dimensional felt dolls, and Milliner extraordinaire Sahar Freemantle (aka Ugly Lovely), who has created two beautifully tiny hats based on Ben’s design. These need to be see to be believed.

A British illustrator who has exhibited his work internationally, Ben Newman is known for his contemporary fusion of bold shapes, bright colours and playful characters. He has produced work for clients including the Tate, IBM, BBC Radio 4, Fantagraphics, Selfridges London and Magma Books.

Felt Mistress AKA Louise Evans is a UK based stitcher and prolific tea drinker who creates a range of one-off bespoke creatures with her partner, illustrator Jonathan Edwards. As well as original Felt Mistress characters Louise has also collaborated with a variety of other artists including Jon Burgerman, Jon Knox (Hello, Brute)and Pete Fowler. Her work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally.

Sahar Freemantle’s company Ugly Lovely believes that beauty manifests itself everywhere so that there is no distinction between ugly and lovely, they are one and the same. Specialising in millinery, costume design and bespoke bridal wear, Ugly Lovely create hand-made beautiful objects full of charm and elegance.

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Forming is coming… UK release 22nd June 2011

We are proud to announce that Forming Vol 1, the first part of Jesse Moynihan’s epic trilogy, will be hitting the shelves of all good comic book stores in the UK on the 22nd of June 2011 to an eager crowd of fans and newbies alike. In the spirit of keeping you all better informed, we asked our good friend Martin Steenton from ATF to distill its varied and complex narrative landscape into the readily and easily digested form of a blurb. Spoiler Alert: if you do not already form part of Jesse’s huge and adoring fan base, some aspects of the plot may be revealed in this write up past the ‘read more…’ section.

Since the dawn of human history, we as a species have sought to understand our existence through creationist fables of omnipotent deities, mythical creatures, and speculation of what—or who—may lie beyond the stars. In Forming Vol. 1, Jesse Moynihan takes these 50,000 years of socio-religious postulation and throws them in the blender to create one epic—and irreverent—battle royal between alien gods, Ancient Greek Titans, interplanetary assassin droids, and humanity itself. Read More..

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Teaser for Under the Damp Earth

All week this week, the über-talented Stuart Kolakovic will be prepping his show at NBHQ on 62 Great Eastern street, our great friends at itdrewitself have been and will be covering the process throughout. Here is a link to their flickr for updates on what is going to be a tremendous show – if the snippets we can see here are anything to go by.

If you would like to attend the show this Thursday, please RSVP now!

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New artist profile – Jon Boam

We have just added a brand new artist profile – the brilliant and prolific Jon Boam. For Nobrow he has been involved in a number of projects including Nobrow 2, Dooom 3.0 exhibition & related prints, A Graphic Cosmogony & Colour me Menagerie.

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2010 Roundup and what to expect in the New Year

It was just over two years ago in December 2008 that Sam and I moved our first few boxes into the office/studio we had just found in Great Eastern street. We were keen to get started, surprisingly undaunted by the overwhelming predictions of doom and gloom from the English Media Cassandra. Besides, we had already started the process, packed everything else in, and any volte-face would have been much harder to stomach than the ensuing audacious march into the void of uncertainty and possibility. But the opportunity to try our own hand at something different, vindicated by the failures of our patriarchal predecessors, was certainly attractive to many and we thought: “why not? Maybe we can do better?” That, I suppose, is the crux of what spurred us on to start Nobrow: “Maybe we could do better?…”

Two years on and a decent library under our belts, we couldn’t be more pleased with where have have gotten to in this short space of time, but now, as then, we are constantly thinking of ways we could do things better. So here’s a Christmas promise/New Year’s resolution to you, our valued and loyal followers: we promise to keep you better informed about our future projects, to provide previews of upcoming titles as well as in depth articles about process, both from our artists and from ourselves; we promise to provide you with more content online and a better online shopping experience and to impress upon you further, hopefully, that print does have a home in our futures and that we will do our best to be a small, but significant part of it; and finally we promise to wow you with more titles than ever and an ever more illustrious line up of artists. We can’t say who yet, but a big name in comics will be collaborating with us on a few projects in the New Year and we are very excited to work with them. We will also be releasing another anthology like the applauded A Graphic Cosmogony and finally we will be producing many, many more comics and illustrated books for people of all ages and tastes.

In the spirit of greater transparency, here is a sneak peek of an up coming talent we will be doing a lot of work with this year. Mikkel Sommers hails from Danemark and has been working on a comic for us called ‘Obsolete’. The story follows the fortunes of two men who return from war to find themselves rejected by society and let down by the system that they were dedicated to uphold, at whatever cost. Drawn in the unmistakeable, masterful style of Mr Sommers, the 17×23 comic will not only be a feast for your eyes, but an action packed exploration of the outer limits of nihilism told in a way that suggests experience in the field long past Mikkel’s years.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, see you on the other side!

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Important information for deliveries in the run up to Christmas

The pressure is on and we’ve taken the liberty of counting down the days for you so please take note before you start your Christmas spending. We cannot guarantee delivery to the following places on or before the 24th of December unless you conform to the below deadlines, placing your order before 12 noon GMT on each day in question. You can of course still buy things, but they may not be there in time for the joyous day of the 25th. See below and read carefully.

UK: First Class: 20th December; Second Class: 17th December; Special Delivery: 22nd December; Standard Parcels: 14th December.

South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand: 5th December 2010.

Eastern Europe, USA and Canada: 9th December 2010

Western Europe: 12th December 2010

Please note that these are our recommendations for receiving your parcels on time, we are not and cannot be held responsible for any strike action or other unforseen circumstances (extreme weather,etc.) leading to post arriving late. Our best advice is always to do as the ants did in Aesop’s Fable and prepare in good time!

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Chrismukkah Raffle starts today!!

This Monday we will be releasing Nobrow 4 in all it’s glory with beautiful pics of the spreads from Night and Day. You have the first, second and third issues, well put your dirty winter mitts on number 4! Featuring original artwork from some of the best illustrators out there, including a cover which McBess claims is the most complicated illustration he has ever done, it is a collectors item to boot. We will also be entering all of the people who buy the magazine this coming week, starting at 7pm today and running until 7pm the following Saturday, in a Chrismukkah Raffle with the prizes ranging from an original A3 signed print by artist Jon McNaught to a copy of acclaimed comics anthology ‘A Graphic Cosmogony’; and here’s the great part, you were probably going to buy it anyway, if you haven’t already! More details about prizes to follow next week… 5 prizes will be up for grabs all you have to do is buy one of me to be eligible.

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We’re back online!

Hi All, sorry for the brief but heart wrenching radio silence this weekend. As it happens, the server we use broke down and as it was the weekend, there was no one to fix it. Thankfully the problem was resolved this evening at the behest of our many emails and phonecalls. The shop and website are both back up and running and we apologise from the bottom of our hearts for having caused any inconvenience to our loyal fans and customers.

For your toils and troubles we are going to do something we only very rarely do, give you a sneak peek at Nobrow Issue 4: Like Night and Day, and if this is anything to set the standard for the next big bad Nobrow mag – I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Illustration by Till Hafenbrack © 2010

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Urban Outfitters – Nobrow

Nobrow on Urban Outfitters! We are very proud to be on the UO website front page where we also sell a number of our wares in their very tempting online shop. Keep checking for collaborations and exclusives.

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Bento Bestiary hardcover to be released soon…

Child-eating turtles, seductive man-eating serpent-ladies and giant, drunken human-crushing babies, what could possibly tie them together?
The Bento Bestiary is returning to our webshop and to a bookshop near you as the very affordable Hardcover Edition. For any of you who missed out on the chance to own the lavishly printed Small Press Edition, here’s your chance to nab your own little slice of the Bento Beasties.
With an entirely reworked text by author Scott J Donaldson and a host of upgraded Yokai from artist Ben Newman, the Bento bestiary is a must have for any fan those Japanese super beasts who have dominated our screens and minds for the better part of half a century. Read up on Godzilla and Mothra’s great, great grandparents and prove yourself a worthy fan, ignore them and you may yourself end up on the wrong side of a pair of monstrous chopsticks…

The Bento Bestiary will be released on October 20th 2010, pre-order available from October 1st!

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On the 23rd of September Nobrow gallery will be welcoming the eminently talented Belgian surrealist illustrator/artist Brecht Vandenbroucke to our gallery space at Nobrow Shop and Gallery, where we will be showing a collection of just under twenty works by the prolific painter. Private view starts at 6.30 pm on Thurs 23rd Sept. Click here to RSVP and see event details.

Brecht Vandenbroucke, one of the most recent additions to the roster of Nobrow artists, works in the true tradition of his Flemish predecessors, vast and complex paintings detailing everything from the apocalypse to the mundanities of everyday life. His stunning use of colour and adeptness with printmaking made him a prime target for Nobrow activities from the first time we saw his work on Flickr, via a small 20px squared portrait on a comment box of someone else’s Flickr photostream. Yes, it was a strange way to come across such great work, but that’s why its so great… read more here.

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New Brecht Vandenbroucke prints

Originally produced as a four page comic short story for Finnish comic art studio KutiKuti, Brecht has allowed us to create these beautiful four colour screenprints from his original commission. The series is printed in an edition of just 35, at SRA3 size. Brecht is also the next artist to appear in the Nobrow gallery, with his exhibition premiering on the 23rd of September 2010, more details to follow on this soon.

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– Exhibition: Jack Teagle Dungeons and Desktops

Who better to kick off our maiden voyage into galleryhood than the insanely prolific Jack Teagle. Dungeons and Desktops is an exhibition that seamlessly melds the worlds of the fantastic and mundane, a cornucopia of staplers and swords, benefits and beasts, hair monsters and HR managers. So make sure you make your way over, we will be selling prints, sculptures, original works and of course the entire Nobrow catalogue of products at the event as well as signed copies of Mr. Teagle’s very own 17×23 comic ‘Jeff: Job Hunter’.

The show was a great success, thanks so much to everyone who came and made it a very enjoyable and productive night. Dungeons and Desktops runs until July 22nd.

Thank you Andy Hague for the amazing pics!