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A Graphic Cosmogony is out on Pre-Order!

24 artists each take 7 pages to tell their version of the creation of everything. 24 artists and comic creators each deal with a tale of creation over the course of 7 pages. We’ve already heard about the cosmic farts, oversized bearded men creating the universe in a week, cataclysmic divorces, giants with irritable bowel syndrome, master carpenters and potters, orbs of energy and galactic seeds. Time to turn the reins over to another bunch of creative people to come up with hopefully even more ludicrous answers to that timeless question: where did this all come from?

With an introduction by freelance journalist, curator, lecturer and writer Paul Gravett whose brainchild Comica festival has become a staple of the British comics scene and featuring the contributions of artists such as Stuart Kolakovic, Blexbolex, Luc Melanson, Jon McNaught and Luke Pearson, it will be an anthology to match the best!