• Summer Spirit

    By Elizabeth Holleville

    Summer for Louise means sand, surf, and… the supernatural.

    Louise spends every summer at her grandma’s house with her older sister, cousins, and Rodin the dog. But, this year, her plans to relax and read comics on the beach are about to be turned upside down by a mischievous ghost, bored with being forced to haunt the same house.

  • Stig and Tilde: The Loser Squad

    By Max de Radiguès

    In The Loser Squad, the twins finally arrive on the right island. Hot showers, Wi-Fi, all-day barbecue – this must be heaven! But there’s trouble stirring, and maybe paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Can Stig and Tilde weather the storm one more time?

  • Gamayun Tales I

    By Alexander Utkin

    Enter a world of magic and adventure in this stunning series based on traditional Russian folklore.

    Alexander Utkin’s Gamayun Tales are fresh and modern adaptations of old Slavic folktales, teamed with bold and beautiful illustrations.

  • Stig & Tilde: Leader of the Pack

    by Max de Radiguès

    After a narrow escape the first time round, Stig and Tilde find themselves shipwrecked once more on a mystery island… where they’re immediately greeted by a pack of feral wolves!

    With their boat in bad shape, and only each other for back up, will they make it out unscathed? Or end up in the belly of several hungry beasts? Find out in the second instalment of Stig & Tilde.

  • Americana (And The Act Of Getting Over It.)

    The Pacific Crest Trail runs 2660 miles, from California’s border with Mexico to Washington’s border with Canada. To walk it is to undertake a gruelling test of body and spirit… challenge accepted.

    Healy’s life-changing journey weaves in and out of reflections on his experiences in America and his development as an artist, navigating both the trail itself and the unique culture of the people who attempt to complete it.

  • Hilda and the Mountain King

    By Luke Pearson

    See what new and unexpected perils await our beloved blue- haired adventurer in the sixth book from the widely praised series.

    We rejoin our heroine for her latest adventure just as she awakes to find herself…in the body of a troll! Her mum is worried sick, and now has to deal with the strange creature that seems to have taken Hilda’s place…