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Nobrow & Flying Eye Information for Online Book Readings

Through this time of quarantine and isolation, we feel that sharing stories is now even more important than ever. We want to make this as easy as possible for everyone but we do owe it to the creators of our books to be able to let them know that it’s happening, and where possible encourage people to get hold of their books too.

In order to encourage reading and classroom read-aloud experiences, and to support schools and public libraries forced to close by the escalating COVID-19 outbreak, Nobrow and Flying Eye Books are permitting teachers, librarians and booksellers and bloggers to create and share story time and read-aloud videos and live events for families stuck at home, according to the following guidelines:

For Teachers and Educators providing distance learning to students in a virtual classroom setting:

  • Story time or classroom read-aloud videos in which a Nobrow or Flying Eye  book is read aloud and the book is displayed (for picture books) may be created and posted to closed educational platforms such as Google Classroom, Schoology, Edmodo and Discovery Education, Dojo in order to replicate the read-aloud book experience that would otherwise be available to educators in the classroom.
  • If a Teacher or Educator plans to share a story time video by recording a video, uploading it to a YouTube channel, and posting a link to that YouTube video inside a closed educational platform, that YouTube video must be designated as “Unlisted” (not “Public”) when uploading. See screenshot for how to choose “Unlisted” while uploading on YouTube.
  • These story time and classroom read-aloud videos may be hosted on the educational platform and/or YouTube (as an “Unlisted” file) until the end of the current school year, after which we request that they be removed from the educational platform and/or from YouTube, unless this permission is extended for the next school semester.

For Booksellers, Librarians & Bloggers who wish to provide a story time reading or other read-aloud experience: 

  • Story time or read-aloud live events in which a Nobrow or Flying Eye book is read out loud and the book is displayed may be streamed live, in real time, on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we’d love it if where possible you could tag us in @NobrowPress or @FlyingEyeBooks and the creator(s) of the book along with a link to buy the book. We will also share your reading to our followers.

Reporting requirements – We ask that all educators, librarians, booksellers & bloggers please email [email protected] to let us know of the reading, so that we can let the creator(s) know that it’s happening and also help to share it to a wider audience.

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The Flying Eye Feelings Resource Pack!

Let’s start off this week by getting you and your little ones in touch with your inner feelings! What does the word ‘feelings’ mean to you? How did you feel yesterday? What about today?

We’ve put together these Flying Eye Feelings activity sheets, with an introduction to consider a number of different feelings, which then help children to begin to explore their own feelings and how they affect them. The pack includes structured lesson plans filled with free illustrated extracts from the books, discussion questions and suggested activities perfect for homeschooling and online classes in KS1/KS2.

Books included in this activity pack all teach their own lessons with objectives and outcomes that are covered in the stories⇩⇩⇩

Tough Guys Have Feelings Too by Keith Negley, helps children to identify and express feelings, discuss what people mean when they say ‘tough guy’ and demonstrates that everyone has feelings no matter how ‘tough’ they are!

Using the book, Me and My Fear by Francesca Sanna we teach little ones to reflect on how fear can affect us; share a fear they might have and find strategies to overcome it in future. From this activity sheet, you’ll gain a list of useful phrases and keywords about fear, achieve a ‘My Fear’ worksheet, and a written reflection on sharing our fears ✨

The Immortal Jellyfish by Sang Miao helps little ones to understand some of the difficult emotions associated with loss of a loved one, and explores whether the people we love are always with us in some form. From these activity sheets, you’ll achieve a drawing of a creature you would like to become and a short story about someone you love visiting you in a dream.

The hi-res printable activity sheet pack is available to download here 📩

Books mentioned in this pack are available to order from our website below

We are removing the delivery charge for all orders placed on but we encourage you to find out if your local bookshop is offering deliveries if you can.

Please keep an eye on our feeds as we devise a timetable of isolation activities! Stay indoors where you can, keep washing your hands and we hope that you all stay well. Lots of love from Nobrow & Flying Eye HQ.

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Nobrow Book Club: Stay at Home Edition!

Hi again Nobrow fans,

Here at both the London and New York offices, we’re handling our quarantines by continuing to put in the work to bring gorgeous books to all of you in need of some inspiration in these strange, socially-distanced times. But we need to stay inspired as well! So we asked around to see what everyone on staff is reading to get them through the week. Check it out:

Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama (Kodansha Comics, 2019)

“I’ve been reading on my doorstep in the sunshine after working on my Nobrow projects, and at the moment I’m on a Witch Hat Atelier adventure. It’s been amazing to dip back into some lovely light-hearted manga during these stressful times. Featuring a gutsy female protagonist, stunning magical displays, a healthy portion of fantasy, and beautiful world-building, this little gem is perfect for readers of all ages. Kamome Shiarhama works at both Marvel and DC as a cover artist, so combine that talent with an ability to craft a beautiful story, and you’ve got a little winner here. I challenge you not to root for Coco as she refuses to give up on her ambition to become a magician, and gets into a lot of hot water in the process!”

—Niamh Jones, editor

Tender by Choo (ShortBox, 2019)

Tender by Choo is a thick artbook collection of beautiful full-colour works by Choo, published by ShortBox Comics. If I were to sum up this book in a word it would be “balanced”—you would think that this level of detail would become overwhelming but Choo’s expert use of composition, character, and colour keeps the heavy detail and strong emotive characters in balance throughout. At times erotic, at times tender, full of queer imagery, it comes together to form an inclusive compendium of personal wordless narrative, doodles, dream-like imagery and fanart. This compendium is a full meal for the eyeballs that you will come to dine on again and again. 10/10 would gawp at again.”

            —Lucy Rivers, marketing designer

Gamayun Tales I by Alexander Utkin (Nobrow, 2020)

“Russian illustrator Alexander Utkin has been hard at work on this series for a few years now, and we’ve finally compiled the first three stories into this nice big paperback compendium! Who’s Gamayun, though? What are these Tales?! Gamayun is a mystical human-faced bird from Slavic mythology who can see the future… so she acts as our tour guide through a bevy of classical Russian folk tales. For any mythology hounds who have already read their share of books on the Egyptian and Greek pantheons, this is a wonderful introduction to Slavic folklore with drop-dead gorgeous illustrations reminiscent of mid-century Disney.”

            —Jacob Shapiro, U.S. sales & marketing assistant

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DIY with I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast!

Whether you’re brushing up on your home teaching skills or just looking for some fun activities for these fresh spring days, we’ve got you sorted 🌻

I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast by Michael Holland and Philip Giordano is an incredible introduction to the world of plants and is packed full of fascinating facts about the powerful science behind the great green machines of the natural world. This comprehensive guide covers everything from the parts of a plant through to conservation, and is full of inspiration for gardeners both young or old. 

We’ve picked out our favourite nature-based DIY activities from its pages for you and your little ones to crack on with. From how to make your own cornflower slime to making beautiful leaf prints to decorate your home, you’ll need nothing more than what you’ve already got on your shelves and in your garden.

And if you take a try of these activities and would like to see more, grab a copy of I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast from our online shop, or ask your local independent bookstore if they can post you a copy. All copies ordered from our site, Storysmith Books in Bristol or Sevenoaks Books in Kent will come with a free poster and seed packets.

First up…

DIY: Cornflour Slime

Slime: nature edition! For this one all you’ll need is some fine cornflour, water and a bit of food colouring – not a manmade chemical in sight. You could even try making your own food colouring from turmeric, beetroot, or spinach! Truly a-maize-ing stuff.

DIY: Wild Weed Bottle Garden

If you live in a flat or don’t have your own garden, that doesn’t have to stop your gardening adventures. Head along on a walk to a local park or nature spot, and build your very own wild weed bottle garden to take home with you. A free and easy way to bring a bit of nature to your windowsill.

DIY: Leaf Printing

A beautiful way to make some artwork or gifts out of nothing more than leaves, card and a regular ink pad. A wonderful introduction not just to the different types of leaves that have fallen in your garden or local park, but how to do simple and easy printmaking. What else can you find in your garden to print with?

DIY: Invisible Ink

Who knew you can now become a spy with nothing more than a lemon, a pen and a sheet of blank paper?! This magical trick will fool everyone you want to keep secrets from, and is the perfect way to pass notes without those pesky parents knowing a single thing.

DIY: Make Your Own Plant Maze

This insightful activity is not only fun to put together, but demonstrates the incredible way plants grow! Another indoor activity which requires no outside space, you’ll just need some seeds, an old shoebox, and all your creativity.

DIY: Bean Bag Boules

Finally, a use for those oversized multicoloured socks your gran got you last Christmas! Just follow the instructions below to make your very own bean bags, ideal for any range of home-PE lessons.

If you enjoyed these activities then don’t wait to order your own copy of I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast, which is bursting with even more facts and fun! At a weighty 128 pages, this comprehensive guide will offer your young gardener hours of insight into the natural world, and help water their budding passion for science and nature.

I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast was written and researched by the expert ecologist and educator Michael Holland, former head of Education at Chelsea Physic Garden. He has taught tens of thousands of people, aged 2 to 92, about the natural world and is on a mission to educate and inspire people from all walks of life about the powerful world of plants and the vital role they play in our daily lives. 

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A Mouse Called Julian Activity Sheets

Wondering how to keep the little ones busy indoors?

For this week, we’re offering activity and colouring sheets on A Mouse Called Julian, wonderfully illustrated by Joe Todd-Stanton. Julian is a mouse who is perfectly happy avoiding other animals but you can join him for dinner, help bring colour into his life, and learn how to draw your own Julian!

Come join in and read along with Joe to find out what happens when Julian has an unexpected dinner guest…

You can download the hi-res printable worksheet here.

A Mouse Called Julian by Joe Todd-Stanton is available to order from our website here.

We are removing the delivery charge for all orders placed on but we encourage you to find out if your local bookshop is offering deliveries if you can.

Please keep an eye on our feeds as we devise a timetable of isolation activities! Stay indoors where you can, keep washing your hands and we hope that you all stay well. Lots of love from Nobrow & Flying Eye HQ.

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One Day on Our Blue Planet… Activity Sheets

During these strange and uncertain times, we know lots of you will be stuck at home in your very own little corner of our blue planet, perhaps with little ones who need lots to keep them busy! We’ll be bringing you lots more activities, posted here over the coming weeks.

To start off with, you can hop along with Ella Bailey’s cute baby animals with these activity and colouring sheets, as they explore their habitats all around the world.

You can download the hi-res printable worksheets here.

You can order any of Ella Bailey’s One Day on our Blue Planet… books from our website here:

We are removing the delivery charge for all orders placed on but we encourage you to find out if your local bookshop is offering deliveries if you can.

Please keep an eye on our feeds as we devise a timetable of isolation activities! Stay indoors where you can, keep washing your hands and we hope that you all stay well. Lots of love from Nobrow & Flying Eye HQ.

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March: Nobrow’s Book Club

Hey Nobrow fans,

The independent comics scene is a constant source of inspiration for us here at Nobrow, so we thought each month we’d highlight a few books we’ve been reading lately—titles we’re putting out ourselves, as well as exciting releases by fellow indie publishers. Our March picks were chosen by Jacob Shapiro, U.S. Sales & Marketing Assistant based out of our New York office!

Sports Is Hell by Ben Passmore (Koyama Press, 2020)

Sports Is Hell is the latest from Philly-based cartoonist Ben Passmore, exploring the racial and societal baggage of American football as a cultural institution—through the lens of the anarchy that ensues in a city after its NFL team wins the Super Bowl. Passmore’s art and storytelling style have a raucous, goofy, manic, punk energy to them; anyone who’s interested in the racial politics of sports in a post-Colin Kaepernick era should pick this up.

Maids No. 4 by Katie Skelly (self-published, 2020)

Maids is a self-published ongoing series by NYC cartoonist Katie Skelly adapting the real-life story of the Papin sisters, French orphans who become live-in maids for an upper-class family who they eventually murder(!!!). Skelly’s 1970s Italian horror cinema influences are on full display in Maids, with minimalist panel layouts and a subversively feminine violent edge to its sensuality, along with a healthy dose of Catholic guilt. Skelly’s work is like no other.

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Stig & Tilde: Leader of the Pack by Max de Radiguès (Nobrow, 2020)

Katie Skelly’s “siblings on a surprisingly violent adventure with a clean art style” got me thinking about one of our new releases, Stig & Tilde: Leader of the Pack. It’s a kids’ book, but Belgian artist Max de Radiguès’ survivalist quest comes from a similar indie comics sensibility as Sports Is Hell and Maids. In this latest installment, titular 14-year-old twins Stig and Tilde find themselves stranded on an island full of wolves, and must fend for themselves with nothing but their wits and a surprising dose of humor. De Radiguès employs a classic Franco-Belgian ligne claire style, and Stig & Tilde evokes Tintin while still feeling distinctly modern.