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Nobrow Staff Recs

To celebrate the approaching end of 2019 we’re back with our annual Staff Recommendations feature, where some of us here from Nobrow put forward a book we believe could do with a little bit more loving ❤️

Lilly, Senior Designer
Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn by Ryan Heshka

The perfect gift for the Mean Girl in your life.

A glorious pulp graphic novel filled with mayhem, glamour and women dismantling the patriarchy.”

Katie, Sales & Marketing Assistant
Eileen Gray: A House Under The Sun by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes & Zosia Dzierzawska

“Eileen Gray is a unique biography captured through a series of vingettes. I knew very little about Gray before going into reading but loved learning more about this inspirational woman and pioneer of the architectural Modern Movement. The illustrations are stunning, and you can tell a lot of thought was put into using a limited colour palette to show mood and create a very appealing composition. It was also a very satisfying read as it comes full circle – by the end of it you understand scenes at the start which were captivating and made you want to keep reading.”

Lucy, Marketing Designer
Forming I & Forming II by Jesse Moynihan

“Forming I and II is definitely NOT for children but Jesse’s art style gives me all the nostalgic synapse bursts from watching Masters of the Universe and Beavis and Butthead as a kid. The plot is theological, mythological, philosophical, non-sensical and hysterical, Jesse’s dry, crude (and sometimes completely stupid) humour clashes exquisitely with the complex and profound events of Forming I and II. For fans of Adventure Time (which Jesse worked on) Pantheon and the Bible.”

Tristan, Production Coordinator
Americana by Luke Healy

“My choice would be Americana as it is funny and sad and meditative and a little bit profound.

It looks lovely too.”

Marie, Foreign Rights Manager
Stig & Tilde: Vanisher’s Island by Max de Radiguès

“My pick this Xmas will have to be Stig and Tilde, Vanisher’s Island. Not only because I translated it 👀 but because it’s a great coming-of-age story packed with adventure and suspense, that any outdoorsy kid would very much enjoy reading!

Max de Radigues’s clear line illustrations are extremely charming. A wonderful comic for 8 to 88 years old where Robinson Crusoe meets Tintin, a gem for the family bookshelf!”

Peony, Marketing & Website Assistant
The Fantasy Sports series by Sam Bosma

“I’ve chosen the Fantasy Sports trilogy by Sam Bosma as my recommendation – I mean, it’s life or death situations settled through the medium of basketball/volleyball/golf. How can you not love that?

Sam Bosma is a ridiculously talented draftsman, and his character design and settings are second to none. As someone who did an illustration degree way back when, books like Fantasy Sports were ones that kept me inspired to keep making comics.

Perfect for anyone who likes fantasy, sports, or anything that falls in between”

Geoff, US Sales & Marketing Manager
In Waves by AJ Dungo

“In Waves by AJ Dungo manages to be all at once tender, heartbreaking, and inspiring. I always get goosebumps when I’m describing AJ’s ability to effortlessly weave together the complex history of surfing with the deeply personal story of his partner Kristen’s battle with cancer. AJ’s art is simple and clean, and he’s able to use it to effectively highlight the heart of every image he creates.

These are true stories that feel real thanks to the sense of immediacy in AJ’s art and the open honesty of his storytelling. Reading this book is like having a deep, late into the night chat with an old friend. I also love all the true life Southern California details AJ includes, from the vintage surf posters to the sneakers he wears, even down to the Jack in the Box that I used to eat at with my friends after trips to the beach!”

Jake, US Sales & Marketing Assistant
SKIP by Molly Mendoza

“There’s no question Molly Mendoza’s luscious, psychedelic art is Skip’s immediate draw. The neon orange on the cover catches your eye, and the evolving color palette through the book is impossible not to love. What confounds readers more is the dimension-hopping story—abstract, existential, and nonlinear in ways equal parts The Phantom Tollbooth, Through the Looking-Glass, and In the Night Kitchen, but with a surrealism that evades all these progenitors.

It’s this innate strangeness that makes Skip resonate with me as its nonbinary cast of characters come to terms with the world they live in.

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Flying Eye Staff Recs

To celebrate the approaching end of 2019 we’re back with our annual Staff Recommendations feature, where some of us here from Flying Eye put forward a book we believe could do with a little bit more loving ❤️

Emily, Senior Editor
One Day Series by Ella Bailey

“I couldn’t decide on just one book, so I chose the super cute, fun and beautiful One Day on our Blue Planet series, by Ella Bailey. Full of facts and adorable animals, these books are great first introductions to non-fiction, whilst also being perfect picture books to treasure.

I mean just look at that cute little lion cub! Who can resist?”

Sam, CEO & Co-Founder
Akissi: More Tales of Mischief by Marguerite Abouet & Mathieu Sapin

“For the most bonkers and raucous collection of comics, Akissi is the boss. More Tales of Mischief brings tears to my eyes and I laugh so hard my brain is starved of oxygen. Perfect gift for nieces and nephews or any children you have no direct responsibility for.

You will be popular with the kids for ever, but the grown-ups will never forgive you!”

Satu, Managing Editor
A Mouse Called Julian by Joe Todd-Stanton

“A Mouse Called Julian is my favourite Flying Eye book of the year because it has a grumpy mouse protagonist who likes to spend time on their own, which I think many of us can relate to. I really enjoyed this lively, funny picture book about the power of friendship and being accepted for who you are, even if you are a fox who wants to eat a grumpy mouse protagonist.”

Michelle, Designer
Monty & the Poodles by Katie Harnett

“Monty and the Poodles is the ideal gift for dog lovers! It’s a great story about friendship and being yourself. The illustrations are beautiful and Katie Harnett has captured the dogs’ expressions perfectly thoughout.”

Ivanna, Designer
Wild by Emily Hughes

And don’t forget – if you see this before December 20th make sure to use the discount code XMAS20 to get 20% off your whole order over at

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Christmas Gift Guide: Nobrow Edition

What a year it’s been… from Darwin to DeadEndia and from SKIP to Stig & Tilde, we’ve published some absolute gems during 2019. And whilst of course we can’t pick favourites, we have put together the following gift guide to help you choose that perfect comic.

DeadEndia: The Broken Halo
Hamish Steele

If you’ve not read any DeadEndia before – well, you’re in for a treat. Written by Eisner award winner Hamish Steele, this series is exciting, emotional and peppered with laugh-out-loud jokes.

Set in the Pollywood theme park, we follow the staff who look after the haunted house attraction at the park’s centre. But the house is also a portal to hell, with the elevator able to reach the thirteen planes, home to demons, spirits and other supernatural denizens. Cue a series of adventures filled with brilliant characters, awesome set pieces and a fantastic ‘series-wide’ arc. These books are part Clerks, part Buffy the Vampire Slayer, part love story, part horror and all entirely their own thing. Buy the first book, The Watcher’s Test, fall in love, buy book two. You’ll be glad you did.

Americana (And The Act of Getting Over It.)
Luke Healy

A travel journey with a difference. Luke Healy is unhealthy, unprepared, and undaunted when he undertakes the challenge of travelling the Pacific Crest Trail, the gruelling 2660 mile hike from the border of Mexico through the USA, up to the border of Canada. A mix of long text and short snappy comic strips, we follow Luke every step of the way, through deserts and snow, facing forest fires and mountain lion encounters and a single hard decision. Luke examines the landscape, the nation, himself, his art and everything in between as he travels up the West Coast meeting a host of bigger than life characters on the way.

Molly Mendoza

Do we describe this book as a visual journey or a visual feast? Because it really is both!

From the peaceful lake of the opening scene to the psychedelic sunset of the closing image, the story of Bloom and their alter-dimension counterpart Gloopy is a glorious stream of arresting artwork as artist Molly Mendoza whisks them through a dazzling array of different worlds. From weeping giants to alligator islands to 2D landscapes, Molly’s imagination runs riot and takes the reader with her while the central relationship between Bloom and Gloopy grows in a great coming-of-age tale.

In Waves
AJ Dungo

A warning before reading. There will be tears.

This visually arresting graphic novel following the author as he and his partner navigate her battle with cancer is both heartbreaking and life-affirming in equal measure. A raw, honest look at the grieving process, it sugarcoats nothing as the author uses surfing as both a temporary reprieve and a way of reminiscing about the life he once shared and the life he now has. The artwork is sparse, stunning and boldly effective and complements the story beautifully. In Waves is a literary and illustrative masterpiece of a book and whoever you give it to for Christmas will thank you. 

Tyna of the Lake
Alexander Utkin

Whether you know your Russian folktales or not, you need these books in your life. This gorgeous series reaches new heights as the Merchant’s Son’s adventure goes from bad to worse as he continues on his quest to gain his freedom. The art is bold, the twists are brutal, the journey is epic! If you thought European folklore was harsh, then Russian is about to teach you a lesson.

Darwin: An Exceptional Voyage
Fabien Grolleau & Jérémie Royer

If you read Fabien and Jeremie’s last book, Audubon: On the Wings of the World, you’ll already know the brilliance the pair bring to combining both intimate and historical detail. Brilliantly highlighting the huge achievements their subjects have made in our understanding of the natural world, while focussing on only smaller parts of their lives, these books are the perfect balance between the mundane and the divine of these incredible men. Shifting their sights to Charles Darwin, they focus their (and our) attention to the beginning of Charles’ voyage, allowing us to see the very seeds of his revolutionary theory begin to germinate as he wonders at the majesty of nature that his voyage presents.

A love letter to science, to nature and to understanding, this is both a beautiful book to own and to see – you don’t just read it, you inhale it.

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Flying Eye Gift Guide: Early Readers

Getting a gift for the little ones in your life can be a hard task, especially with all the choice out there! To help you pick the perfect picture book we’ve collected together some of our 2019 titles for you to peruse, whether your young one is looking for their very first book or just another special one to add to their library.

A Mouse Called Julian
Joe Todd Stanton

It’s a lucky child who finds this gorgeous picture book under the tree, this Christmas. Joe Todd-Stanton, winner of the Waterstones Prize for Best Illustrated Book has turned his sights to picture books this year, delivering with this brilliant tale of unlikely friendship, tolerance and altruism.
When introverted mouse Julian finds a fox with its head stuck in his house (“‘I was simply popping in to see if you were ok,’ the fox lied”) he soon discovers that talking with people might not be so bad after all and that friends can come from the most unlikely of places.

The illustrations are to die for and the story has some laugh out loud moments (and one point that’s oh so fun to read aloud), this is going to be the perfect gift for everyone involved.

Professor Astro Cat’s Stargazing
Dr Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman

Professor Astro Cat and his team take readers on a new journey through space helping the biggest ideas seem small enough for young people to understand. They’ll learn how long it takes to walk a light year. Just what is a star? How big is a galaxy? And more and more and more. You might even learn a few things yourself.

Now couple that with the extraordinary vibrant retro artwork and you have a picture book gift that’s worth more than the stars.

Astro Kittens: Into The UnknownAstro Kittens: Cosmic Machines
Dr Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman

And now the toddlers can get in on the action too! These gorgeous little board books pack the brilliance of the Professor Astro Cat series into an even smaller package. Super simple, super colourful, now the littles can start to learn about rockets and rovers, life on other planets, bio-domes and wormholes. It’s never too early to start dreaming about a life in the big black.

Avalon Nuovo & David Doran

But we’re not just inspiring the future astronauts this season. We’re kick-starting the musicians too!

For music lovers of all ages, Orchestra makes a perfect first comprehensive guide on musical theory. Starting with a simple history of the orchestra, it sweeps through the different sections of an orchestral arrangement from string to woodwind to percussion. Then we visit some of the world’s most famous venues and the composers who have inspired generations from Vivaldi to Duke Ellington. Then it roars into a crescendo, leaving the music halls behind to talk about opera, theatre, cinema, myth and legend.
The art is glorious, the content more so. Just buy it already and thank us later.

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Flying Eye Gift Guide: Middle Grade Readers

It’s that festive time of year again! 🎄And because we know that that finding the perfect gift for the ravenous readers in your life can be hard, we’ve put together a list of the very best books for any readers aged 7 and up.

And if something here tickles your fancy, don’t forget we’re currently offering a Christmas discount of 20% off your entire order at or – just enter the code XMAS20 at checkout. This code will expire on December 20th, so better get shopping!

Hilda Fiction
Luke Pearson, Stephen Davis, Seaerra Miller

If your young reader hasn’t discovered Hilda yet, then your present-buying worries are over!

Available as graphic novels (more pictures than words) or illustrated fiction (more words than pictures), Hilda and her adventures have inspired dolls, merchandise and even a BAFTA-winning cartoon on Netflix.

Smart, headstrong, kind and curious, Hilda lives in the fictional town of Trolberg but loves heading into the wilderness where she has so many cool adventures with grumpy trolls, persnickety elves, lovelorn giants, nightmarish Marras and lost house spirits.

Fun, exciting and total page-turners, there are already six books in the series, so plenty for a young reader to get their teeth into. But if you only want to buy one, then go for the first one, Hilda and the Troll (for the comics) or Hilda and the Hidden People (for the illustrated fiction).

The Secret Lives of Unicorns
Dr Temisa Seraphini & Sophie Robin

If you think your child is too grown-up for a book on unicorns, think again!

This amazing book is great for older readers – a study on unicorns as detailed as any text book. This book looks at the evolution, life cycle, diets, magical properties and anatomy of the unicorn, from the species to be found in the North, to those from the unforgiving deserts on the equator. Written by ‘Professor Temisa Seraphini’ it’s a brilliant way to learn about zoology and conservation and the artwork is completely gorgeous. Perfect for fans of nature and fantasy, with something for both.

Akissi: Tales of Mischief
Marguerite Abouet & Mathieu Sapin

If you’re looking for tales of mischief, adventure and fun then look no further than Akissi. Set in an African village, Akissi gets up to all sorts of shenanigans and scrapes from neighbourhood cats trying to steal her fish, pestering her older brother, starting a new term at school, tackling scary teachers and dealing with school bullies. Following in the footsteps of childhood classics like Just William, Dennis the Menace and Minnie the Minx, Akissi is the perfect embodiment of spirited children everywhere.

Each book is three volumes combined, packed with adventures told in bold colourful comic strips packed with detail and excitement. These are a must-have for the little monster in your life.

Ancient Wonders
by Iris Volant & Avalon Nuovo

How many of the Seven Wonders of the World can you name? With Ancient Wonders you’ll never wonder again. The big double pages with a large illustration of each wonder is absolutely stunning, getting across the true majesty of these incredible constructions. Those alone make this book an ideal gift, but when you see the wealth of knowledge too. Readers will be able to find out how each wonder was built, the myths, gods and rituals that inspired their construction and what happened to them after in simple, exciting language. This is an eye-poppingly gorgeous book and we highly recommend it. 

Lorena Alvarez

In this mesmerising follow-up to Nightlights, Lorena Alvarez explores our relationship with nature and animals, all in her stunning illustrative style.

On a school field trip to the river, Sandy wanders away from her classmates and discovers an empty turtle shell. Peeking through the dark hole, she suddenly finds herself within a magical new dimension. Filled with sculptures, paintings and books, the turtle’s shell is a museum of the natural world. But one painting is incomplete, and the turtle needs Sandy’s help to finish it…

This title can be read as a sequel to Nightlights or as a stand alone comic.

Kai and the Monkey King
Joe Todd Stanton

New from the author of Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx, Arthur and the Golden Rope and the award-winning The Secret of Black Rock, comes Kai and the Monkey King. Joe Todd-Stanton just keeps getting better and better and when you see the sumptuous, colourful scenes he has in store for his fans in his latest adventure you’ll see what we mean.

In his new addition to his Brownstone Collection, we head to China where our heroine Kai, looking for more excitement in her life, seeks out the mischievous and rebellious monkey king. But does he bring her what she craves or something more dangerous? Inspired by Chinese myths and history this book is fun, educational and a delight for all the senses.