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Luke Pearson feature in Art Review

Many thanks to the ever supportive Paul Gravett for creating this fantastic initiative over at Art Review, where every so often leading cartoonists take a two page strip in the standard-bearing arts magazine to flex their grapho-literary muscle. Previous to Luke’s contribution (pictured above) and available to read in full on his site, Jon McNaught also contributed as fantastic two pager. Paul has also written a fantastic article about our young star to accompany the brilliant little tale, which can be read on Paul’s website.

Thanks again Paul and congratulations Luke!

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Shop Expansion

We have new shelves. We have new stock. We have new stock on our new shelves.

If you’ve never come in then you must. If you have come in then you know you must return…

Visit us at the Nobrow Shop and Gallery

We also have new opening hours:

Mon – Fri, 10am – 7pm

Sat – Sun, 11am – 7pm.

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Cramond Island – Coming out in the UK from Nobrow Press this month!

Cramond Island is the first instalment in the Jean Baptiste Baigorri narrative, created by Basque comic book virtuoso Irkus M Zeberio. At 19 x 27 cm it is also one of our largest short-run comics to date. The tale follows Jean Baptiste Baigorri an embattled poet/freedom fighter/ existential superhero as he struggles with his rapidly disintegrateing relationships, increasingly absurd surroundings, and the missions set for him by a mysterious secret society…

Jean Baptiste has been living in a cottage with his girlfirend in Edinburgh for a while. Lately they haven’t been getting along very well. Jean Baptiste works in a kitchen run by the oppressive minions of the restaurant’s owner: the Fat One. It’s hell on earth, literally, the kitchen is built at the mouth of one of the seven gates to hell. He works twelve hour days and the company’s unrelenting cost-cutting strategies force their employees to sink to ever lower levels of depravity for the sake of company profits. JBB is tired. Still, as all great poets, he utilises his suffering to advantage, creating particularly spirited (but awful) poetry from his myraid experiences. JBB longs for a change of scene and is ripe for manipulation.

Out from Nobrow Press next monday 27th Feb!

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Leeroy and Popo by Louis Roskosch coming March 19th

The first offering from what is sure to be a leading light in the UK comics scene in the coming years, The Adventures of Leeroy and Popo is a hilarious exploration of those awkward years trying to hook up with out of reach romantic interests and generally playing way to many video games. We’ve all… well most of us have been there… and Louis Roskosch delivers the first installment of the ongoing series with humour, wit, authenticity and flawless art. Leeroy and Popo (and Louis) are ones to watch out for, watch this space for updates in the coming weeks!

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Progress work for ‘Worse Things Happen at Sea’ due in March from Nobrow

Just to keep you all up to date with impending releases, I give you some progress work from the modern day Ingres of the illustration world, Mr Kellie Strøm. I have yet to see the whole thing and how it’ll all be coloured, but I am fairly certain that this will be one of the most beautiful books we have ever made and to top it all off it will come in the form of our most popular formats, the Leporello or ‘Concertina’. Due for release at the End of March/beginning of April this thing of pure beauty will measure a whopping 136 cm in length, detailing on both sides some of the most impressive vessels to ever travel the oceans along with the most infamous creatures to roam its depths.

I personally can’t wait, hope you can all get as excited as me too, you’d be crazy not to! Read More..