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In Store: Nous Vous toys

We picked these up at Pick Me Up. The excellent Nous Vous were a refreshing island of handmade 3D in the magnificent graphic art sea of 2D prints. Their space featured hand-painted t-shirts, blocks, toys, vases – you could have decorated a whole house with the sheer variety of hand crafted objects on offer.  Obviously we have a predilection for toys of any kind, so when we found that these little Gentlemen were going to go back to Leeds after the show came down, we had to hold a few back for any Londoners who might have missed their chance to pick one up at PMU.

Nous Vous’ Gentlemen are available from our shop at 62 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3QR.

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Interview: Chie Miyazaki

Chie Miyazaki is a 23-year-old artist from Saga in Japan who lives and works in south London. She is currently organising Egaku: a one day event to raise money for the Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Her intelligent composition, unique sense of colour and narrative made her a natural choice for Nobrow 5: A Few Of My Favourite Things. We caught up with Chie to see how she found it:

NB: Could you tell us what’s happening in this image?

CM: The image shows the earth, with the sky, land and sea. There are some of my favorite deep sea creatures in the sea, I love looking at them so much. They seem weird but maybe we are weird to them. They make me feel like I’m only living in a small part of the earth. Read More..

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Exhibition: Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up 2: The Graphic Art Fair Strikes Back

After the success of last year’s event we were flattered and excited to be invited back. Graphic Arts has never had a better platform in the UK, if you’re after a concise summary of the scene then you can’t do any better than visit us at Somerset House for PMU 2011.

This year Nobrow collaborated with CSM (MaCD) student Matthew Nicholson, who produced a series of giant cardboard objects related to the theme of our very latest issue Nobrow 5: A Few of our Favourite Things, representing: you guessed it, some of our favourite things! He was also responsible for designing the beautiful NOBROW bookcase which is featured in the space, created from over 25 immense sheets of 3 x 1.5 m heavy duty cardboard, which were laser cut and then stuck together to create the structure.

We were also very pleased to see that a number of artists who we’ve worked with in the past were represented in the Rising Stars section of the exhibition, featuring work from Mcbess, Paul Blow, Gwénola Carrera and Eda Akultan and their work looked fantastic!

The exhibition runs from Thurs 17th March to Sunday 27th March, 10 am to 7pm. Thursdays, late night opening until 9pm! Please visit the Pick Me Up website for more information.

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CURIOS: Shazam!

Billy Batson is a normal 15 year old newsboy but when he utters the magic word  “SHAZAM” he is transformed into Captain Marvel: ‘the world’s mightiest mortal’ to his friends, ‘the big red cheese’ to his enemies.
The above issues from the 1970s all contain super-clean art by the great C.C. Beck, Captain Marvel’s defining artist. It was Alan Weiss, however, who provided the inspiration behind Jon Boam’s Shazam 34 print (as seen on Covered).

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New Display Unit!

Just arrived in the shop… We’re very excited

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In Store: Hervé Morvan, The Genius of French Poster Art

Hervé Morvan, according to the title of this book, is the genius of French poster art, or at least one of them. Along with Raymond Sauvignac he made work that defined French commercial art from the 50s onwards. Morvan’s work represented Esso, Evian, Danone, Vittel and more; he made quaint illustrations to sell cigarettes and alcohol, film and music.
Conceptually light-hearted and visually playful, Morvan’s world was one in which wolves love chocolate and a cheese can have the farmyard so deeply ingrained that it contains a field. All this rendered in a primary colour palette, dotted with smiley children in simple compositions with elegant typefaces, this book is a sea-side holiday invoking great.

Published by Pie Books from Tokyo in 2010 and available from our shop on Great Eastern St in London

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In Store: Reborn Again

Another from Blexbolex, this time collaborating with the excellent German artist Stefanie Schilling (featured in Nobrow 4). Together they bring us 47 masks over 36 colour pages. Featured in the book are a variety of monsters, a sheep, an old lady, a young lady, the Devil and many more.
Almost the only text in this volume is on the first end paper, it reads ‘fun for all ages… Reborn Again.’ the artists and publishing information are located in tiny text, virtually inside the spine on the last page and they are hard to recognize. This piece is a departure for both artists in terms of the work that they have commercially available. It’s difficult to pick out Schilling’s Victorian sensibility or Blexbolex’s ligne claire influence; the subjects of the book are 3D objects, this from two artists who have previously been fairly print-process oriented. It’s great to see them interacting and expanding into 3D, obscuring each others traits and still producing something that works.

This book was published in June of 2010 by Stephane Blanquet’s awesome United Dead Artists and is currently available in Nobrow Shop and Gallery @ 62 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3QR, for only £5!.. while stocks last.